New Kid on the Block

We have a new Kid on the Block.

Isn't he something? Even I think he's pretty impressive, and I know nothing. 

The view from my other side.

....and ...hey, I didn't ask for that view.

Huh, just cos I showed the Butt the other day, you can't think of anything else.

Grow up, you lot.

Hiding his eyes in shame.

He's in the barn just now. He's being acclimatised. After all, this is the edge of the world, and he came from the very civilised mainland.

Soon, he will be wooing the ladies out in the croft. At the moment, he needs all the rest he can get. Trust me, he'll need all his energy come next month.


  1. He's beautiful, a nice one for sure.

  2. He is quite handsome. he looks so clean and well groomed. Oh, I hadn't a thought towards the Butt issue, so I know you weren't talking to me :)
    You need to tell those of us who know nothing about sheep, what breed this guy is. We hope to have sheep on our farm one day. We raise beef cattle and they take forever to grow out compared to smaller animals.

  3. He's a beauty, and no butts about it Ha! I used to have an Aunt and Uncle whose last name was Butts (actually my aunt is still alive). They owned a car dealership and their slogan was "No "ifs", "ands" just "Butts"." Its sort of a play off of what parents used to tell their children when they were trying to get them to do their chores etc..."No "ifs", "ands" or "butts" young man"..... or something like that. He He. Oh well.
    Much Love,

  4. He's one mean ram, I'm sure he'll have no problems 'wooing' as you say!!

  5. Pam's comment reminded me of a guy I dated, his last name, Butts, I have been eternally thankful he was not the one for me, had he been, my name would have been something close to "Betty" Butts. God is gracious, so very gracious! (Betty is not my real name)

    Now about that Ram, he is one tough lookin' guy.

  6. He IS beautiful, but I agree about the breed & the name - you know us citified (population 1,034) types - we need to have names for everyone "in town".


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