Four blessings

The Builder's sister turns ssshhhh (fifty) this weekend.

I whispered so she wouldn't hear me telling. Another sister decided to give her a present of photos of all her nieces and nephews in a frame, so we all had to take individual photos of our kids.

She has no concept of how difficult it is for us to get our kids looking presentable. 

Come on......they're on a croft. Sheep don't notice nice clothes.

They're homeschooled. Nobody here notices glamour.

They're my kids. I ... er ... well, I'm not the height of fashion. In fact, I'm not the height of anything, but that's another story. And anyway, good quality comes in small packages. That's what I was always told, and I'm sticking with it.

So, where was I?

Oh yes. Photos.

They spruced themselves up. Well, okay - they came out of jeans, chucked their sweaters, and took their hair out of a ponytail. The girls, that is. The boys.....oh, you know what I mean.

Here's my firstborn. My boy.

He hates smiling for photos.
I love this guy to bits.

Here is my second born.

I'm not going to comment on the individual kids, because I adore them all.

Love them in a way no words can describe.

But this one is turning into me. Yes, I know she has your sympathy.

Here's my third. She's blonde. 
We have reams of 'Katie-isms' that either make us split our sides, or scratch our heads.

She has no idea how lovely she is. Inside and out.

And here is my baby.
I'd thank you all for refraining from pointing out that he is seven. He is still my baby.

My adorable, gorgeous, cute, talkative, easy-going baby.

My heart is about to give way.


  1. Isn't being a mom wonderful?!!

  2. You've been blessed with beautiful children.
    Don't tell....my baby is 17. ;-)
    God bless,
    Anne x

  3. What absolutely BEAUTIFUL children. My babies are 17 and 14 and yes, they are still my babies! Greetings from Missouri!

  4. Gorgeous! Beautifully taken photographs as well, you're becoming quite an expert!

  5. Now that will melt her heart! They are just lovely. Add me to the list of people who are going to ask for copies. Love to all!!!!

  6. Being a Mum is certainly the best, Patrice. I wouldn't swap it for the world.

    Anne and Down on the Farm, I'm so glad there are others.... I didn't dare say, but the 17yr old boy is still my baby too! Funny how it's the boys... mmm

    Laurie....will be in touch - can't wait to see you again!

    And D, thanks for the compliment, though I reckon it's a bit misplaced. Still - I'll take it!
    Love, Anne x

  7. You have four very beautiful children. Your boys are so handsome!

    I'm going to finally ask...what a croft is? A farm? I don't know.

    My kids are longing to come visit you all in Scotland. I'm afraid we would not come back home though :) (they are tired of this house with no *real* yard, and no doggy, and busy sidewalks and streets) Do your children realize how blessed they are?

  8. Kathi - I said in a post long, long ago that I would explain what a croft is! Basically, it's a parcel of ground that was allocated to each household. The English would probably call it a 'smallholding', but there are specific legalities connected.
    Anyway - it's a piece of ground. And yes, I think the kids do realise they are blessed - because we lived in Glasgow until our eldest was 9.... so they *know* the difference, and really, really appreciate it here.

    I hope, one day, you will visit.
    Love, Anne x

  9. What beautiful treasures you have!!!! Your baby is sooooo cute! Its been a little while since I last visited. I need to catch up!

    Much love Anne!


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