A Normal Saturday in our Kitchen

In the Our Delicacy post from last month, I showed a photo of our kitchen. I got a comment on how tidy my kitchen is, and it really made me laugh. 

You see, 'tidy' and 'me' just aren't words that tend to go together.

So I want to show you the kitchen today.

The island does, apparently, have a worktop underneath all the stuff.

And when the worktops are full, use the floor.

Notice the leeks at Catherine's feet! 

The photo sitting on the dresser to the right of the photo was waiting to be hung up. I was waiting for the Builder to hang it. 

He, though, was waiting for me to decide where to hang it.

'Decisive' and 'me' don't go together either.

The island even found room for DR's magazines.

And for this, which came in yesterday's post.

I ought to have put it straight into the bin, but the Builder and I like to drool over this, every time it comes in the post.

This was our 'to-do' list for today. Now you understand the state of the island!


  1. I really like the looks of your kitchen. Mine is seldom tidy, but yours looks very good to me. I wish we had a big basket of leeks like that. We had a horrible drought and an extremely hot summer here on the east coast of the US. Our leeks didn't make it. Some years are definitely better than others for growing things!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I love your kitchen Anne (in any condition). "Whewie," glad to see it gets messy like mine does. I love it tidy, but life happens doesn't it. Love seeing your girls. I can see through taste in magazines, that our boys would enjoy each other's company. Eddie loves cars. Even before he could speak English, he could name every car on the road.

    I'm so glad your going to be a part of the Apron Swap. I think it will be fun. Just give me your e-mail address, and we will be good to go. I have been meaning to get the pairing up of names finished, but have had so much going on and so many interruptions the last couple of days, and today is church, so probably won't get it wrapped up until Monday.
    Much Love,

  3. Patrice - I'm afraid the leeks were bought :(
    Our leeks are still in the ground. They are still alive, but they are looking a bit peekie. (not hunky chunky for you non-Scots!)

    Thanks, Pam, for commenting.....and for being understanding about the state of the kitchen!


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