Weekly Round-up

Yesterday we had our local Agricultural Show.

There was live music from the local Melodeon band

And gorgeous cattle
I would have taken this guy home with me. Adorable.

My kids asked if this was the kind of car I drove when I first passed my test.

They got no dinner last night. That'll teach them.

Oh well, I suppose I'd better show the sheep too.

Here are some Texels being judged.

I am only kidding about the sheep. I love them really.
Well, not these white faced ones. But I do love the Big Brother's Blackfaces.
Here are some of them in a pen, waiting to be judged.

And there were Strongman events.
Up, ...


...and over!

And here's the Maide Leisg 
(literally translated: The Lazy Stick)

We even had horses and Indians.
Sadly, I saw no cowboys.

I was glad to speak to one of the volunteers in this tent.
Help for Heroes is a charity set up particularly for servicemen who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan with injuries. They do a great work. 

The wee guy bought a gun. Can you believe it? A gun! 
He has plenty guns, but this is the only money he spent all day.

Here's the Builder....yes, the Builder...playing at battles with 
the wee guy.

What chance do I have??
Don't you love the old tractor, though?

Okay, enough of all that.
Total change of subject:

The girls went off to camp today. I feel lost.
We pray that it would be a time of blessing for their souls. This we want more than anything for them.
I miss them already.

Tomorrow, we'll be a much smaller family, and all our vegetables for tomorrow's dinner is from our own plot.
I don't want to bore you, but isn't that amazing?
It's been a difficult year in the veg plot, but this makes it very worthwhile.
How good God is to us.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. oh, my shen had that very same tractor!

  2. Anne,

    I so love your blog !! Definitely you! It helps me keep in touch with home ( rather , what was home). Beats the Stornoway Gazette ! Keep it up , please !
    What's all the dye stuff and the black faces! Does Calum Finlay , seriously dye the sheep's wool ?If that's the case, then sheep are definitely more vain than in my day. Short back and sides with a good lick of bright paint was good enough when you and I " were young" !

  3. Oh Shona, so good to hear from you. I wont start on how I miss you... :-(
    Yes, the sheep are definitely more vain than 'when we were young'! Smaoinich - dyeing them - whoever heard of such a thing?! I never did until I came and saw the beloved sheep at No17!

  4. Great pictures, really captures the show. Maybe one of these days I'll get round to going to one of them!

    Oooh these sheep need a good bath ;-) or else be dyed a brilliant white, that would turn some heads :-)

    Teehee about the car!! Hope that taught them!


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