Never Off Duty

Whether he's around the house, at the beach or in the peats, this wee guy is never off duty.

Here he is yesterday. In the peats. Camouflaged.

There could be dangers lurking, apparently.

Gun at the ready. No time off.

And we definitely needed protection whilst driving home in the trailer.


  1. Dear Sister whar a lovely surprise to find your blog and to hear of your ministry to home school your children. It is a wonderful thing, I was so glad to have my treasures close to me. It does look rather chilly from your pictures. I will say I bet it is fun not to have to sweat your hide off (LOL) We had a temp of 106 last week.
    Blessing to you and your family. Love Roxy

  2. I bet he could give you 3 good reasons why you needed protection! Boys certainly thrive in the wide open!

  3. You're right there, BlueCotton! They thrive, and their imagination has no limits.
    Well, Roxy, I don't think we could quite manage 106 degrees, but a *bit* of heat would be nice. Very nice!
    Thanks for saying 'Hi', both of you
    Love, Anne x


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