Someone's Gone!

Someone has stopped following me :-(

You may have gone because you are:
a)  Scottish
b)  a Northerner
c)  a Yankee or Mets supporter
d)  sensible

It may be for some other reason. Please let me know. I did tell you that I need you all. Me and my lonely life...

Tell me what to do to bring you back and.....well, I might just do it!


  1. I'm not any of the above...I'm an Astro's fan. (Apparently, the only one. Pls don't hold that against me!)

    I'm just remodeling so don't get to come over as often as I'd like...

    Blessings to you...
    Lana @ ilovemy5kids

  2. Thank you Lana!....though I don't think you're 'following' anyway. I wonder who went??!! I love following your remodeling - what a job you're doing. It's mammoth!
    Love, Anne x

  3. Aw! Poor thing! I'd follow twice if that would help at all! We've lost a follower or two in our time! :( It does make you panic slightly! ;)

  4. I loved Rachel and Sarah's suggestion. And ditto for me if it would help :)
    If its any comfort, Elizabeth and Marie and I could tell you some stories on our end that would make you scratch your head. But won't re-tell it here. We girls all love your blog, keep it coming, I imagine for any 1 lost there will be 2 new followers.


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