My Boy's Birthday

Today is my boy's birthday. There must be some mistake. There is nooooo way I am the mother of a 17 year old. Is there?

Well, it appears so. 

For starters we had some prawn cocktail and

...smoked salmon with lemons.

We also had a fruit medley - mostly consisting of melon and grapes, because that's what Catherine likes. She was boss in the kitchen today!

I don't have photos of the main course or the dessert.

The main course was Chicken Parmigiana from the Pioneer Woman's site. Catherine has made this a number of times, and we love it. Tonight, however, seeing as Gran and Grampa were with us, we didn't serve it with pasta. It's not their 'thing'. We had roasted vegetables and new potatoes. 

Our own potatoes? Oh, thank you for asking. They were, seeing as you ask. The children do not believe that the many conversations I've had with them over the past months made any difference. I beg to differ. They were delicious. And it's all because I was so nice to them.

For dessert, Catherine made brownies and chocolate sauce. We had it with white Italian ice-cream and fresh strawberries. Don't ask, 'cos they weren't our own.

Here's Catherine giving DR the cake she made. It was a Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

We covered this part of the kitchen wall with 'stuff' today. 'Stuff' that spoke of DR.
I'll try and explain some of them.

Home.....someday! This is his dream. I tell him when it comes to it he wont want to leave his Mum and he'll live right next door to me when he marries.
Oh well, a woman can dream!

This is him on his 1st birthday. And then on his 1st day of school. This was before we'd heard of homeschooling.

He can now drive.... legally. Not that we'd ever have allowed him behind the wheel of a car before now. I think I'll say no more.

I must apologise to any Northerners for this. I don't really apologise, but I wish I could explain. His heroes are Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee. His all-time greats.
I know this flag has been adopted by *some* undesirables, but the fact remains....we're Rebels.
Please don't fall out with us, Yankees. Pleeeeeeese.
Oh, the photo is of Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher. 
You know, I should really have left this photo off this post. The flag will send the Northerners running; the photo will send most Scots scurrying for cover. Most Scots would not have Maggie on their Christmas card list. Let's just leave it at that.

Here's the Birthday Boy himself. He's wearing a Phillies cap - just to prove he loves the North too.
I suppose this will send the Yankees and the Mets scurrying. I'll have nobody left reading my blog. Please don't leave me. I need you. I live a very lonely life. 

Please don't go. I do love you all!

So, DR, happy birthday. I couldn't have wished for a more wonderful son. 'Yet one thing thou lackest'. If it was possible, I would give you this gift. But that is God's to give. There is no doubt that more than any other thing, I wish Christ for you this year. God bless you, my dear son.


  1. Happy Birthday DR!!!! We wish you many happy returns, and hope you had a lovely day, it looks like you got treated well :-)

    What a lovely post xxx

  2. Oh and I was going to say, I'm sure you must have made a mistake - that surely was CALUM on his first day at school - not DR!!!!!! ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday! My oldest boy (10) has a dream to go to the US aswell. I too tell him he will want to stay at home with his mamaidh!

    You haven't alienated ALL Scots with the Thatcher picture - my hubby is a big fan.

    And don't we all pray for the same gift for our children xx

  4. My hubby is also a big fan of Thatcher! Should have mentioned that!

  5. I loved this post! A very Happy Birthday to your son! I laughed as I read and read. I think we would all get along splendidly, we are great fans of Margeret Thatcher. And my, what great Americans you all are!

    God bless Anne :)

  6. Well Anne, this is number 3 attempt for me to try to post this; hopefully this time it will post. I have been having trouble all week trying to post comments can't tell if it is me, my computer, our internet service, or google. Anyhow Happy Birthday to DR!!! And what a crack up you are. You always get me laughing out loud. The menu sounds wonderful my stomach is growling. What fun you are all having. Also, great fan of Ronald Regan; we could sure use him now. As Elizabeth said, we've always been a fan of Margaret Thatcher too (love how you call her Maggie :) ). I didn't think about what kind of controversies there would be there in Scotland about her... I guess I will have to study up a little more. Any way ..."can't we all just get along...." Ha ha ha.
    Perhaps next year for DR's birthday, you would like to come out for a visit. Come Early for the 4th. Consider that an invitation
    Much love,

  7. Dawn, isn't Calum the double of DR at that age! Amazingly alike.
    Kirsteen, we have 3 kids who all want to head 'west', and 1 who 'is not gonna leave Ness, thank you!'. I always say to them, 'you wait and see - she'll be the only one in the US, and you'll all be here beside me'!
    And so far, in our survey, we have 2 Scottish comments, 2 Scottish 'likes' for Maggie. There must be something about bloggers then....cos that sure aint representative, is it!!
    Elizabeth - thank you, thank you, thank you! You're still here! You didn't leave me! Yipee!

    Anne x

  8. Haha! Happy birthday to DR! :) You do make me laugh often! :) We can trade people than! I want to go to Scotland on my honeymoon whenever I get married, and your children want to come here! You don't send me scurrying with the flags! :) We have had many feisty coversations among our friends over our Civil War, but I think I have finally come to the conclusion that I'd be a Southern Abolitionist! Do you all live near Loch Ness? -Rachel

  9. Happy Birthday DR, and congratulations on now being able to drive *legally* (I'm good at reading between the lines, and I won't push any further by asking how long you've been driving total :P)
    Oh, if I wasn't following you before now I'd start because of the good ole Confederate battle flag. :) We are die-hard Rebels over here (at least my mom and siblings are, Dad's still workin' on it :D) and my brothers' heros are Lee and Jackson as well.


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