Favourite Photos from June

I'm going to post about our Homeschoolers' '4th of July' get-together later, but first I'm going to post a selection of my favourite photos from June. 

My gorgeous nephew stayed with us for a couple of days. Here he is in his boiler suit busy outside with Calum in the background.

Peace. Perfect peace.

Ladies in the waiting room

My three boys just home from church last Sunday night. They were soooo handsome, I couldn't resist getting my camera out!

This is Calum's favourite teddy. He was washed and hung out to dry the other day! Calum's had this 'woof woof' since he was born, and I love it almost as much as Calum himself does.

You knew there would be some sunset photos! This was last night...

....the sky was simply stunning.

Calum helping with moving the Builder's Big Brother's sheep last Saturday


  1. Gorgeous pictures!

    Thanks for introducing us to your side of the world.

    (Anna's Momma)

  2. Wow the pictures are awesome Anne, They should be matted and framed, or put into a calendar. I love the sunsets as you do, and your family is precious, I liked the picture of the 3 boys.

    Those sheep make me wish we had livestock again. They are beautiful. I think the teddy on the clotheslines is a prizewinner:) Those kind of memories get right to your heart. Look forward to your fourth of July pics.
    Many Blessings,
    Love Pam

  3. Those sheep are amazing...your picts bring it to life! :)

  4. Thank you all so much. When you grow up with scenes etc, you become so used to them. We lived in a Scottish city after we married for 12 years, so I think, having come back home, we 'see' these things with new eyes. I never tire of the sea; or of the sunsets. Or of just being here.
    Love to you all, Anne x


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