Preparing for the Show

Big Brother's sheep are going to the local agricultural show on Friday.

Tonight they are being manicured and pedicured, and they are getting their hair done.

Think I'm talking nonsense??

Well, just have a look at this.

The Builder's sister is so much more croftified than I am.
Here she is blindfolding the sheep. That way he doesn't get stressed.

Here he is getting brushed.

The dying process....no, that's not right, is it?
Ahem - the dyeing process (sorry, Big Brother) 

And here they are with the dye all done.
Doesn't the big one look like he's gonna start dancing?
Too weird.

I'll let you all know how the show goes.

Oh cringe! What a blunder. I've just called all the sheep 'he' in the above photos.
I'm not THAT stupid. I do know that sheep are 'she' not 'he'. It was merely a slip of the tongue.
I'm not going to show the Big Brother this post. He really would chase me off the croft.


  1. LOVE this! I am excited to look through your posts! My mother's family comes from Scotland.

  2. When even the girl animals have horns, you must be allowed a bit of error! :) When you say, "croftified", that reminds me of "city-girl" and "country-girl"! :) -Rachel

  3. Hi Denise, good to 'meet' you! So many Scots went to the USA and to Canada, didn't they? Huge numbers from the Highlands and from our island - there was nothing for them here.... I wonder where your Mum's family left from.

    Rachel, we have the phrases, 'city-girl' and 'country-girl' too. I'm certainly not a 'city-girl', but I do have a bit of a way to go before I truly pass my 'country-girl' exams!
    Love, Anne x

  4. The sheep are beautiful Anne! Ha, I feel the same way, I grew up on a ranch and many things I still get wrong! I don't even think I could saddle a horse any more! *Sniff* Sad I know!

  5. I'm not much of a country girl either but wouldn't put myself in the city-girl category either.

    I did wonder though, how do you stop the sheep from making a mess of themselves for the couple of days between now and the show? I mean, they're not the most co-operative of animals at the best of times, are they?



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