The Wee Guy

Not that we ever would let our Wee Guy drive the tractor, but if we did, maybe this is what he'd look like.

Not that we ever would, you understand.

Ahem, this was our 'garden' today after the grass had been cut. Can y'all imagine just how long the grass was for there to be so many piles of cuttings? Hmmm, let's just say it was in dire need of a haircut, and it went from having a leather-jacket-clad-biker haircut to a US Marine's #1 in the space of a few hours. Phew!

I haven't shown you a sunset for a while, so here's tonight's.

Time for bed, and boy, am I glad!


  1. We LOVE Wee Guy's tractor! It is red just like Ben's 2 Farmall's!! He has one that is a 1945 Farmall A and one that is a 1948 Farmall Super A. What year is your tractor?

    Ben(and Anna)were in their first antique tractor show/parade this past weekend. It was so much fun! Over 150 tractors were in the parade!!

  2. Such a beautiful sunset - one of the best you've shared. Thanks so much! (PS-love the Wee Guy & the tractor, too!

  3. Way to go, CS!!! Nice work.

  4. What a sunset! Your boy looks way to natural on that there tractor mama...

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. he looks like he'd be a great driver :)

  6. He looks so sweet on the tractor. Our guy is 14 and still hasn't started driving ours yet.

  7. Ha now that's a toy!! I bet the wee guy would love to take that for a spin hehehe!! Beautiful Sunset thanks for sharing that ~Love Heather

  8. Your Wee Guy looks like a pro sitting on that tractor! It must be in his blood... :)


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