Friday's Snapshot

Over this past week, DR has left the building.

And the island. And the country. Yes, even the continent.

Today he's celebrating Canada Day in Canada. 

Here's himself and his friend checking in at Stornoway Airport the other evening.

 And here's their plane about to take off.

The Wee Guy is playing tennis every day, but the tennis balls spend as much time in the guttering as they do bouncing off the racket.
  Amn't I glad that he has a dad and an uncle who'd never allow him to climb the ladder on his own. After all, if they were around, surely one of them would climb the ladder and leave the Wee Guy safely on the ground.

I took this photo at midnight last night. At 00:10 to be precise.

As I was heading to bed, I stuck the camera out the window to take a snap.

Does anyone call photos 'snaps' any more? 

Did anyone except us ever call them snaps?


  1. I supposes I don't call them snaps, but here in America I usually call them photos. Nice to see the wee guy getting some help with the ladder!

  2. Great photos! I like the sound of snap shots and snaps, it sounds friendlier!!!

  3. I love the 'snap' of the Wee Guy on top of the ladder! My siblings enjoy playing tennis too but most of their tennis balls end up in the neighbours garden!

  4. Loved your pictures! The wee one on the ladder looks like something my hubby and children would be doing! ;) That picture that you took at midnight is just gorgeous! You take the most beautiful pictures. I love looking at them! :)

  5. We used to call them snapshots. I remember my grandmother saying that.


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