Heather's Last Day

Here are Heather and cutie at the very Butt of Lewis. 
Yes, the most northerly point in Lewis, and officially the windiest spot in the UK.

 This lighthouse was manned until the 1990s, but is now fully automated. As a child I loved hearing the foghorn, booming out its low-pitched horn on foggy nights. I have very clear memories of lying in bed in total darkness, and total silence outside, and hearing the foghorn go.

We then took a wander down to 'our' beach. 

Cutie wrote her name, very modern-art-like...

....and was chuffed to bits with the result.

And so their time here came to an end.

There are many things I didn't expect when I began blogging: meeting people from other parts of the world in person because of the blog certainly comes into the category of 'unexpected blogging benefits'.

Have a safe journey home, Heather. See you in five years' time!


  1. What a gorgeous beach! And beautiful photos! Wishing your friends safe travels!

  2. Thanks Anne! I was saying to Colin last night that next time we'll all have to make the trip. You have such a lovely family; I want him to meet you too. :)

  3. They said that the computer would isolate us. They're wrong! I have friends I "talk"to everyday all around the world! It's a remarkable tool for friendship and understanding. Thanks for sharing your visit!

  4. Wow Beautiful Pictures!! The colors are amazing!! ~what a wonderful visit!! Friends are such a blessing :) Love Heather

  5. Looks like a lovely visit! Can I come next?

  6. I second what Kim said. Looks like a wonderful time. It is heartwarming to see friendships blossom like this. I like it. Safe travels to all.
    Much Love,

  7. So does "chuffed to bits" mean the same thing to you as a phrase like "tickled" means to us? When someone has a great deal of pride and happiness in their accomplishment? ;) I am curious! I love learning how phrases and terminology can vary amongst different countries and even regions!

    Looked like a beautiful day there at the seashore! Loved the pics!


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