Wednesday's Words...on Wednesday!

Wednesday's Words.... and it's only Wednesday! Things are looking up.

Yesterday, I made four Franzipans and four Lemon Cakes, and today I have Wednesday's Words of Weight Loss.

You can tell I'm taking this really seriously, can't you?

Here are Patrice's questions for this week:

  1. Is there someone in your town who makes you turn and walk the other way to avoid  them? Please, please, tell me I'm not alone.
Oooh, this is awkward! You know, often when I'm in town doing the shopping, I push the trolley (do you guys call it a cart?!) with my head down.... except when I look up to the shelves... obviously. My mum said I'm so odd. She goes to the grocery store for the opportunity to see as many folks as possible, to have a yarn with them, and to generally make an afternoon of her trip. I go to get what I need as quickly as possible, all the time thinking, 'I need to get home. I need to get home.'

So it's not so much one person, as just people in general. Does that make me really odd? Does that prove that homeschooling Mums have socialisation issues?

2. Have you ever tried juicing?

Yueueueeuw. I'm sorry, I'm sure there are wonderful health benefits, and maybe - just maybe - I'd love spinach leaves, cabbage and carrots in a glass. Maybe. But I doubt it. Maybe I've got the whole 'juicing' thing wrong and that's not at all what people eat, er... drink. But sorry, it aint for me. If things ever change on this score, I'll sure let y'all know. Just don't be holding your breath.

3 Do you feel better with long hair, short hair, or something in between?

Well, it's like this...

(Patrice, why are there never questions I can answer with a 'yes' or a 'no'? Or are there, and I just ramble anyway? Mmmm, that's a possibility)

Back to the question. I've had short hair and I've had in-between. At the moment, my hair is longer than it's ever been, and I'm so undecided what to do. I like how easy it is for me to manage day by day. I like that I can stick it up in a pony tail when I'm working in the plot, so the wind isn't blowing it all over my face. But there's a 'but'.... It doesn't really suit me. Oh, I know a woman's hair is her glory, but it doesn't really suit me.

In fact, Katie summed it up the other day when she said, 'Mum. I like your face. And I like your hair. I just don't like the two of them together'. I think she was spot on.

But then comes the problem: Do I go in-between? That would suit me fine, but there's so much work in it. I have to do something to it every day, and there's never a 'throw it up in a pony tail' option.

And it's in my face all the time I'm working outside. Driving. Me. Nuts.

Or do I go short? Mmmm

Such vexing questions I have to deal with daily.

4 Have you ever seen a large fireworks display in person?

Well, we have one every 5th November, but you couldn't really call it 'large' or a 'display'. (Have a look here for last year's). But I was in Niagara a couple of years ago on a Friday evening when the Falls themselves and the Bride's Veil were lit up with different colours and there was a fabulous fireworks display. We watched it all from our hotel room window, and couldn't have had a better view of it. It was fabulous.

DR and his friend (who are still in America, but I only have two more sleeps until he's home....Can you tell I'm excited?!) were in Niagara a couple of weeks ago for Canada Day. That was a fabulous experience for them.

5 What's the most unusual meal you have made?

Oh, this is difficult. I've never done the whole snails or frog's legs thing. But I guess what we have every year....

 ...this 'delicacy'

 showing her good side...

 Yep - seriously been washed with Fairy Liquid first!

And finally on the plate. The guga - a delicacy for us, but most of the world turn up their noses for some reason.

Can't think why.


  1. I think guga will get the prize for most unusual. Praying DR has a smooth journey home to the island all the way down to Ness.

  2. Aw man, can't believe you showed that Guga again! Makes the winkles on my post last night look positively appetising!!

  3. The guga now that is interesting!! ~I just went a little shorter with my hair I have it in a short bob now. I am trying to grow it out and cut it off if that makes sense lol! that hair that I had colored black and then took the color out...it is rather dry and I do not want to color it anymore so I would like to get to the point where it is just my natural hair. But what a slow process growing it out.... I like long hair and I like short hair as well ~Enjoyed your post today have a great day ~Love Heather

  4. What a nice way your daughter told you about your hair not suiting your face! Why don't you post pictures of your hair? Maybe you could get some good ideas on what style would look best on you. Then you could post before and after photos!

  5. Well, my daughter sent me a link so I would know what Guga is, It is funny all of the different things people eat. I can't get my kids to eat pickled beef tongue sandwiches, I have tried to tell them how yummy they are so I bet that might be good if you fixed it for me. :) But why do you wash it with dish soap? Is that dish soap? To remove salt?
    Oh, yes, our kids maybe be great at socialization I do think home schooling Moms might be different. Shy is how I would word it.
    In the early years, I got blasted by naysayers so much, I just retreated into my shell. :)

  6. Do they taste fishy? We have cormorants, which are kind of the same thing, but I've never heard of anyone eating them.

  7. I have never heard of a guga, and I do not think I would recognize one in real life.


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