Some of the Winners at the Barvas Show

West Side show

Isn't she a beauty! This is Gruagach an Eilein of Brue.

 Here she is being judged. The photo shows CA with Adam Henson, who (apparently) is a well-know TV presenter. Quite a coup for the Barvas show to have him open the show and judge the cattle.

Here, he's explaining what he's looking for in champions, and every time he chose a winner, he explained his choice.

Of course, well seasoned experts like myself knew all this, but for those onlookers less experienced than myself, this was a real bonus.

And here she is with her rosettes. She won her category - Highland heifer over 16 months - and was Reserve Champion for the show overall.

Is this not the cutest thing ever?

 Er, no, CA - not you. I mean the calf in the next photo.

Ahhhh, Mr Wayne. Winner of ... of... er, some category. It may have been, 'Winner of the Best Looking Owner's category'. Yes, actually, I think that's the the very one. 

Yep, we knew you were something special.


  1. What beauties! I have never seen a long haired cow. Stunning!

  2. Yay!!! Well done, CF. And the cows are beautiful, I agree.

  3. Lovely and it looks like such a nice day.

  4. Oddly enough, though Scottish Blackface sheep are rare (if any) here in Kentucky, we do see the occasional example of Highland Cattle.

    Mr. Wayne must have won "Best Set of Horns." Those are beauties! He's not dyed orange though. There are some of us who still want to know why they dye sheep in Scotland in order to show them. And a dyer who reads my blog wants to know how they get it to stick! (sheep grease/lanolin, you know)

  5. I love this Highland Lady. A real beauty.

  6. That calf is beautiful! God created such wonders.

  7. those cows are gorgeous! Wow. I want one. :)

  8. A friend was trying to comment here, but couldn't so here's a Copy & Paste of his comment:

    ...was trying to post the following on your blog but gave up, to try and answer the question, "why they dye sheep?" Sheep when at their best can produce a natural 'bloom' which turns the fleece a light gold colour, sheep breeders are trying to imtitate this by dying them so the sheep has contrast and stands out at a show."


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