Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, all you American-not-wanting-to-be-British-any-more ....er, friends.

I'm not at all offended .

In fact, I'm so not offended that I celebrated with you, even though I have nothing to celebrate.

Yes, today, in this corner of the United Kingdom, from which you wanted freedom (not that I'm offended or anything), we celebrated.

Mostly we ate:

These cookies were made by a real, authentic American, so they tasted extra special.

We then sang your National Anthem. Who decided on this tune, may I ask? It must have been someone with an uncommonly large singing range. Down to your boots the notes go, then up to the stars. 

Phew! You could still decide to go with God Save our Queen. You know, if y'all decided you were mistaken with all that 'No taxes without representation' stuff back in the 1770s, and if you did a wee bit of apologising, maybe a little grovelling.... we'd take you back I reckon.

Just think, you could be singing our National Anthem next year. Just think how easy it'd be on y'all.

After our attempts are your anthem, we decided to head to the beach. Wait for this: we had temperatures of 21C today. Twenty-one! It was actually warmer outside in the garden than in the house. I could almost have been in America.

 I think this girl was guilty of a treasonable offence.

Calum was too: he said something nasty about George III (I can't think what on earth he might have against King George III. After all, he was an okay guy, wasn't he. All he did was lose us America, and what's that between friends.)

Calum, I charge you with making derogatory comments regarding King George III, who, after all, never caused any harm to his nation.  

Guilty as charged, m' lud.

 This year, we signed the Declaration of Independence.

And so it's Goodbye from all of us for another year....

.... even from Jackson (who didn't seem to treat the flag with the greatest of respect, despite all my warnings).  

Sshhhh. I know this is not appropriate on Independence Day, but when I asked Jackson to show a bit more respect to The Flag, he very snootily said, 'Er, remember who I am? I am Jackson. Enough said.'

I am sorry. I do try, but sometimes a dog makes up his own mind.

Happy Independence Day to you all!


  1. You are hilarious! We're preparing to come that land from which our forefathers wanted freedom and, as a result, doing very little to celebrate the 4th. Thanks for celebrating on our behalf!

    Can't wait to give you a hug, and maybe an good ole American high five. :)

  2. I'm glad you're not offended or anything! This post gave me a good chuckle. Now you have to do another educational post like this for Guy Fawkes day. :-)

  3. Wonderful post! You celebrated in the great American style, with LOTS of food and singing - great job! Let us know which of your national holidays you'd like US to celebrate with YOU!

  4. We DID use 'God save the Queen' - we absconded with it and re-named it "My Country 'Tis of Thee!!!" When they started playing it at the recent royal wedding. it took me a second...huh?

    It seems to me there are a good many Scots today who would like to be independent from England too! Ha-ha. As best I can tell, my people didn't leave willingly so much as they were kicked out. Jacobites, Covanenters, that sort of thing .....

    'Looks like a wonderful time, wish I could have been there!!

  5. Sending a Happy 4th of July hug to my friend!!! Jackson.....you are way too cute!!!!

  6. Funny! Funny! I'm afraid you know more about our independence than most Americans do. And I'm afraid Britian lost us forever except we still seem to have that taxation problem. Oh well. So glad you celebrated with us!

  7. I have to agree that our National Anthem is quite difficult to sing. Your beach adventure look wonderful. Wishing you all a great day!

  8. love the pics. that one of jackson is priceless!

    happy 4th of july from oklahoma! :D

  9. Lovely! Thank you for all the celebrating! The beach looked wonderful.

  10. I often have to keep my asthma spray handy when I read your posts... the laughing makes me wheeze.

    Wow do those cakes look good. I think we should have been celebrating with you today... you have done it in such great style, I am slightly envious. I love the signing of the "Declaration..." part.... and loved Kim's comment above... that taxation thing really has become a problem again.... I think our politicians need to go back and read our "Declaration of Independence" and "Bill of Rights"; It seems to me they were supposed to before they thought about running for office, but some how I think it has been left by the way side. I wish King George were here today to give them a little warning... Sigh.

    Jackson's pic is the prize.

    I think next year when I begin planning our Independence Day, I will see what you have come up with first... it is so inspiring and full of the best stuff.
    Much Love,

  11. What a wonderful celebration! It looks like you had a great amount of fun. I wish I could have been there. You are a very humorous person and I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work. However, I do not think you have a good chance of us apologizing and returning to English rule. :-)

  12. O my 3 flag cakes!:) I <3 it! You are a hoot and I am so glad to have found you across the pond. ;) and hey eating is how we Americans celebrate... hence the obesity rate here. :/

  13. Good grief! I always thought you guys were the most American-like family we knew on the island! This proves it... But wait. What about the fireworks??? And the 3rd degree burns? Hmmm... Maybe next year :)

  14. I'm here visiting from Lady Lydia's blog and I am *so glad* I did. This post was FABULOUS!!!

    Thanks for the laugh, it brightened my day. (o:

  15. Oh well, I guess I'll be giving up on the whole apology-grovelling-thing...

    Oh, and don't think the UK can give you any tips on taxation...well, except for how to raise them even higher. (Don't get me started!)

    Jenn... I didn't even know you had a blog! How did that happen?! (The 'me not knowing' part). Ahhh - no 3rd degree burns here, and no fireworks until 5th November! Too many hours of daylight at this time of year for fireworks ;) Great to hear from you :)

    Thank you all for stopping by and for saying Hi. Makes my day! x

  16. Your Independence Day celebration looks more festive than mine! And I want a bite of that cake. Love our National Anthem. It is a difficult one, but it's so beautiful! Funny post.

  17. Very cool!!! I am impressed that you celebrated it. I bet your kids loved it and it looks like a fun day especially all of the wonderful food. :)

  18. You are one crazy lady - no wonder I love you so much! x

  19. I am green (lol) with envy, looks like you had an amazing America Day.

  20. And your food looks *amazing*
    Pouting somewhat

  21. Love this post! Thanks for celebrating on behalf of all of us "Yankees" or what-have-you! ;) We Americans are glad to be Americans, but we appreciate thoughtful gestures. And yes, our National Anthem is a whopper but I wouldn't trade it! LOL Looks like you had a great day and the food looks YUMMY -- why wasn't I sent a piece? ;) I chose to make two apple pies from scratch on Independence Day, and am still savoring the remaining pie with my hubby!

  22. I think you celebrated our Independence much more patriotically than we did.

    My gals did save Mr. C & I, a front row seat at the fireworks display. (My very favorite part of the 4th of July!) We were close enough to feel the booming rattling our bones.

    And every year, when I hear the words of "The Battle Hymn Republic", my heart sings in agreement, (realizing that no matter what scheme or plan man has, year after year)these words say it all- "His truth is marching on!!!" That song is my favorite song for the 4th.

  23. Thanks so much for sharing this! You're so funny and I absolutely loved it! Many times over the years we have, in our own homeschool experiences, studied Scotland and our Scottish roots, celebrated Tartan Day, etc., but I never once thought that someone in Scotland might actually be studying or celebrating America with us! How neat! Thanks again for sharing! <3

  24. Absolutly had me in stiches! You are so funny.

  25. Anne, you are too funny! Celebrating the Fourth and all. :P
    Are those pavlovas I see, with American flags on them? Oh, delish!!


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