The Journey of my Romanesco...

From this, a couple of months ago...

...to this.

And then onto this...

 and then a sneak preview.

And finally.... this!

Aren't the Romanesco swirls gorgeous! I'm not sure whether any of you guessed, but I do like my veggies. Just a bit, eh?

The Romanesco are ready so early this year. I don't remember this about them two years ago, when we planted them, but the Builder had to take about a dozen in to me on Saturday. We had two yesterday, but I made soup with the others.

I'm sorry, I have no photos of the tubs with soup, but I have decided that these ice-cream tubs are the best tubs ever! I used to have a cupboard full of plastic tubs and lids - you know the kind of thing: you open the cupboard door and lids fall, and an odd tub falls out, and you can never find the lid to fit the tub you want to use. So now, I use these Walls ice-cream tubs, the half-size Italian ice-cream tubs, or the Stork tubs (small and large).

See how they all fit inside each other for storing in the cupboard ...

...and how they stack nicely when they're full.

Our first soups in the freezer! It seems odd...in July, but, all being well in October, they will be delightful.

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  1. That is called recycling. That's great that they stack the way they do. I was just looking at our ice cream containers from the last party and told the family not to put them in the recycling bin. I want to use them for school supplies. They stack so nicely.

    So, what does Romanesco taste like?

  2. I never see romanesco in America. It's so good, I don't know why it hasn't caught on here. Had it for the first time in Rome a few years ago. Ah memories. Thank you for the memory jog.

  3. I just saw seeds for Romenesco in my seed catalogs the other day. I live in Florida so we're just gearing up for our growing season. I'd never seen this interesting veggie before. You've piqued my interest. I think I'm going to have to try it!

  4. It all looks so good. I like your containers.

  5. Being a mathematician, I LOVE the look of this veggie! I've never seen it before, but it is definately beautiful! (In a fractal sort of way!)and it also looks delicious! I will have to try to find some in my neck of the woods!
    So, you made soup and have it in the freezer already? That is awesome!

  6. Your garden is beautiful. I wish I could send you some of our HOT WEATHER - - - and you could send me some COOL! We are SWELTERING :)!!! I think your stacking containers are a NEAT idea, and I wonder what type of soup you have frozen :)! Have a blessed day my friend!

  7. We love Romanesco too, but rather than give it it's proper name, our boys prefer to call it 'Moon Brocolli', given that it looks like something you would see growing on the moon (well it does to a boy's imagination anyway!!)

  8. I have never seen this veggie before. What does it taste like? Too bad I couldn't just ride my bike down the road to sample some ;)
    I enjoyed your post!

  9. Oh how exciting you will have some wonderful dinners this fall!! Enjoy your bountiful harvest. Those Tubs are great I love how they stack so nicely ~Love Heather

  10. I have never had Romanesco, but I am thinking it tastes like broccoli or cauliflower or a combination of the two. So how do you make it into soup? I think you are going to have to show us picture and post the recipe.

    Love the stackable containers... those are great. How many years of ice cream does that represent?
    Much Love,

  11. Wow!!!Never tasted Romanesco but its now on my 'to try' list. Your garden looks so good....well done

  12. Thank you all for stopping by :) I've never seen Romanesco in the shops to buy either - not sure why it's not with the other veggies. Its taste is difficult to describe - maybe between brocolli and cauliflower, though I get a wee taste of asparagus in there too. I can't get over how early they grew this year. Our cauli and brocolli aren't anywhere near the harvesting stage. Oh well, I must remember this for next year. I've planted more seed in seed trays, and will probably plant them out in a couple of weeks. So, you never know - we may have a second harvest of them .... that would be nice :)

    I made the soup like I make cauli and brocolli soup: some onion, some potato and the rest of the pan filled with the Romanesco. Add chicken stock, some pepper to taste, and then cream it when it's finished and cooled. Before serving, I add either cream or (our preference) some evaporated milk (Carnation is one of the brand names here in the UK).

    Anne x

  13. Gorgeous! This post just warms the heart. I love the recycled tubs and the veggies are amazing. Good going! Lisa~

  14. Nice use for the tubs. I hate the way lids always fall out! It makes me a bit grumpy!


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