Goodbye, Laurie

Last evening, Laurie was with us for her last evening on the island. After 4 months here, she's heading back to the place she calls home. She calls that place home, because it is home I guess.

Yes, the one who brought us the hats ...

 and planted our peas ...

and got her feet soaked in the peats ...
and listened unbelievably patiently to this Wee Guy's incessant talking...

and brought me this salsa (best one ev-ah)...

 spent her Saturdays in our plot (weeding, until our backs ached!)...

 and then had the energy to take the camera and photograph the shearing...

who loved taking walks along this machair....

She's gone. Gone, I say... gone! 

After we ate last night, we took a wee walk.

This is what met us as we came round the corner of the house.

I wanted them to face the camera so I called to them.

'Chook, chook', I called (yes, as though they were chickens). For some reason they went to run away, but then Big Brother, our Hero-of-the-Hour appeared, used the appropriate terminology, and they began heading our way.

For some reason, I get the feeling they don't like me like they like him.

As we walked down the road, we stopped to say Hi to this little fella.
 Isn't he absolutely adorable?

 And there are three other babies lying down near the fence. They really are gorgeous.

And yes.... 'They're so cute - I could eat them' springs to mind when I see them.

 Big Brother and the Wee Guy are just visible in this photo, moving some sheep before they turn in for the night.

The guys, not the sheep.

And so to the end of another day. And to the end of Laurie's time on the island. For now, anyway ;)

Don't you love how God takes people into your lives? Just a couple of years ago, she didn't know such an island existed on the face of the earth. She didn't know me; I didn't know her. But all the time, God knew our paths were going to cross. He knew we would meet, and that she would find a place in my heart. And in the Wee Guy's.

He cried when she left last night. "I wish (sniff) she wouldn't go. Why does she have to go? (sniff) Mum, give me a hug."

Give you a hug? Oh well, if I must. Such hardships I have.

She also introduced us to the most gorgeous cinnamon coffee cake ever.  We'll talk about that some other time.

For now, just want to say, 'Love ya' 

'Oh, and don't stay away too long.'


  1. Saying goodbye is never easy... hopefully it was more like "See ya' later"!

    Great photos! Love the last one of the sunset! Beautiful!

  2. So sad when friends go away. I often feel the sentiments of Mr. Woodhouse in "Emma" "why does everyone have to go away?" It sounds as if you had a lovely time while she was there. Good friends are those who plant peas with you and weed gardens, and enjoy your family. Look forward to the post on coffee cake :)
    Many Blessings and much love,

  3. Four months? Where did you meet her? How did she come to visit for so long a time?

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your friend. I love the Minnesota Vikings hats she brought your kids. They are our favorite American professional football team! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll be following your blog and can't wait to connect more.

  5. Learning to love the people in our lives when they are there, and how to release them when the time comes is the hardest lesson there is.

  6. I miss you all so much!!! Had a good trip to London today and spent the journey reflecting, playing back those life clips we all have in our memories and all the reasons I love Lewis. Anne, you and your family are very special to me and I am thanking the Lord for bringing me over there. What a great place!

  7. Such a nice post about this lovely lady who came into your life.

  8. Aww, hope the wee guy cheers up soon. SOunds like you have a lovely friend!


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