Competition for Jackson

This is the Wee Guy's latest obsession pastime.

 How many of you remember Enid Blyton's Famous Five?

If any of you know anything about these books, you will know that George owned an extremely clever dog named Tim.

Calum's constant repetition of Tim's exploits are putting this guy under pressure...

... because he does know there's a way of getting his treat off his nose and into his mouth... 

it's just that he hasn't figure that way out.

If I look pathetic, will that work?

Or if I sit and stare at it for long enough?

You got it, Jackson! You look down in your pathetic way, and it just falls to the ground, ready to be eaten.

I'm thinking the 'Bonny but Dim' tag may be kinda accurate. He sure wont be competition for George's Tim.


  1. Ha, how cute. I loved all the famous five books when I was a kid. Thanks for stopping by my dodadidit blog. My house for sale isn't in the US,you don't need a visa, it's near Inverness!!

  2. Love the holy knees - looks just like the jeans we have around here... my kids love and adore all the bazillion Enid Blyton's I saved from my childhood. My daughter is reading Mallory Towers for the tenth million time - actually the books have disintegrated and they are a collection of loose leaves... but just gotta read them again and again!!!

  3. I love Enid Blyton's books! Not too many here have ever heard of them, but my grandmother used to get them for me and I still have them. We are reading the "Amelia Jane" books right now!

  4. I agree - Bonny indeed. We are going to look up Enid Blyton...never heard of her.

  5. Popped back over and noticed your son's cap in the photo! :)

  6. lol 'bonny but dim' - gorgeous photos :-)

  7. A good obsession for the wee guy and the dog will come around....eventually!

  8. Jacqueline: yes, that's his Canada cap, bought the last time we were over (early last year). Our older son is there right now. RIGHT NOW.... Without me! He's in Ontario, and will be travelling to Michigan next week. There is probably noone on this island who doesn't have relatives in your part of the world... we feel it's an extension of our island :) (A very *large* extension, mind you!)

  9. Hello friend across the pond,
    So nice to see your name pop up on my blog. As always, when I visit your blog it feels so warm and welcoming. These pictures are priceless. LOVE the comfy reading shots, including the knees showing. Speaks "boy" all the way. And any time a child loves reading, it's beautiful! And the puppy. Oh my! So cute. My former Lab would sit there with the biscuit on her nose until we said, "Okay!" Then she'd flip it in the air and catch it in her mouth. The more recent dog we had? Uh,...not so much, lol.

  10. Our Calum is also devouring Enid Blyton just now, but the Secret Seven, not the Famous Five. They have a clever dog too.

  11. Ha that is too cute your wee guy and your wee pup!! I have been teaching bear to leave it and I can put a treat right on his paw and he does not touch it....well most of the time he doesnt hehehehe ~have a great weekend Love Heather

  12. Yeah Jackson! He figured it out. He's such a cute dog!

    Your Wee Guy looks so cute all curled up with his book, he's probably missing his older brother, I'd guess. I'd guess the same for all of you.

    Hugs to you friend! Mrs. C

  13. Awwww! How cute...yout son and your doggie... :o)

    I bought Famous Five books for my 2 eldest grandsons birthday's this year...I'm hoping they will like them and I can add to their collection.


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