Some of Saturday's Work

The cages got their net roofing on Saturday.

Hopefully, this means no butterflies. No butterflies means no caterpillars. This is good news.

Of course, the netting may keep butterflies out, but it will not keep the nasty little rascals who came last year and killed all, yes all, our cauliflower.

The Builder and DR got both cages covered, and DR even managed to do the stapling without piercing his dad's fingers.

 I'm sorry, I don't with to disparage my elder son, but .... sometimes, he just doesn't have the best aim with a hammer, or with a staple gun.

Nor with an actual gun, either. Eh, son?

Big Brother and the Wee Guy had major weeding to do in both cages.

The Wee Guy was of invaluable help, wasn't he BB?

Well, apart from the constant questions which Big Brother had to answer. I'm not kidding, the stories and the questions for the Wee Guy were constant. Non-stop. All day. Big Brother's patience (with the aforementioned Wee Guy) and his good humour (with the aforementioned) are unsurpassed.

Woohoo! The temperatures reached heady heights.

Well, okay, they were in the mid 50s, but it was sunny, dry and (almost) windless.

That made it feel positively Mediterranean. I could almost have been in the south of France.  (Except that our lunch consisted of Scottish fayre rather than.... well, you know.)

More seedlings came out of the greenhouse and were planted in the plot.

(Oh, my friend (you know the American one.... shhhh - the Northerner - yes her) - she was with us and she mentioned to me that using the word 'plot' suggests to her a place where dead bodies are placed. A cemetery. Er, why did none of you think of mentioning this to me before. Huh - you call yourselves friends, and you never let me know that my plot - my beloved plot - sounded like a graveyard.)

....these are courgettes being lovingly housed - for protection against the.... yep, you guessed it - the wind!

The area in between the two cages have four rows of newly planted onion bulbs on each side. The middle section, where the guys are here, has been planted with Swede seeds.

Here's the inside of one of the cages after the weeding. Doesn't it look good!

The Builder gave it centre posts this year to give the extra headroom.

For me.

Er, moving on.... Big Brother also had some sheep to shear, but I'll post about this another time. Our American friend went and got some photos of Saturday's shearing, and I have some photos of some Ram Shearing from the other day. Just wait til you see a bald John Wayne ... Let's just say, he's lost a certain something.)


  1. Don't worry about your use of the word plot. I never considered it a cemetery nor did a cemetery ever cross my mind. I think it all depends on where you were raised and how the word was used growing up. I think of the word to mean an area of land set aside for a specific purpose.

    That being said, your garden plot looks lovely. You shall reap your rewards this fall.

  2. I see sun! I see shorts! I see short sleeves! 'Must be very satisfying to the Gardener (yourself).

    I'm new to your blog, and though I haven't read ALL your posts, I have gone back and read most of them. It is fascinating to read about someone half-way round the world with some of the same interests I have. It has raised a zillion questions. I'll try to limit myself to one or two per comment. ha-ha.

    I've seen a barn....do you have chickens? Living so close to the sea, I would expect to see more fish and seafood in your diet. ???

  3. You're *northern* friend must not be a gardener. When I hear (or read) the word Plot in reference to a garden I do not ever think of a cemetery. Context means everything.

    Your Garden Plots look lovely. I am practically green with envy because we have yet to even plant one thing!

  4. Your plot looks amazing to me! And the use of the word just helps me to read this w/ a beautiful accent...which is, I'm sure, how you typed it!
    Enjoy the sun! We've seen a bit of it in the last week too! I think I will even get my garden planted today!

  5. I agree w/ Keri, it wouldn't be the same if you changed your wording, plot sounds right coming from you.

    You've been working hard, while we've been galavanting around. Everything looks wonderful!
    I do hope you are successful at beating the pests this year.

    I've missed not having time to stop by and read. Glad to see that all is well on the Croft.

  6. Oh! I thought of another one! Does the Hebridean Revival of 1949 have anything to do with your spiritual heritage? Not that you were around then (!!!) but is that in the background of the church you are in communion with? I had studied it in the past, and completely forgot until now that it occurred right there on Lewis!

  7. Mercy you have been busy! Your gardens are looking nice!

  8. After the weeding, it really does look good! Wow!

    But you know, I have to take my hat off to you and your menfolk. If I had to work half as hard as y'all to garden, I'm not sure I would do it! Are you able to leave up those fences/cages/nets/etc. for next year, or do they all have to come down at the end of the season?

    Reading your blog--besides making me green with envy at your proximity to the sea--makes me appreciate the ease of gardening here in Virginia! ;-)

  9. I read your post out loud to my friends as we were getting ready this morning, and you kept us laughing all the way through! :)
    And plot...I never thought of it as relating to a cemetery, so keep using it - it's a wonderful word! :D

  10. Hi Anne, I just found your blog by accident while looking for photos and had to register to tell you that I love it! I'm a Niseach, although I live in town now, and was over your way at the weekend. In fact, I drove past your house on my way to take photos of Traigh Shanndaidh at sunset! I noticed your veggie cages and was very impressed. No room round my house for such things unfortunately! I'm quite pleased with myself for managing to plant some flowers in tubs for the summer. Anyway, will be visiting your blog regularly now to have a nosy at your photos. Photography is a hobby of mine and I love seeing what others have been snapping.

    Oh by the way, you probably won't know me but my folks are across the road from your sister-in-law in Cross. Funny how I found another Niseach randomly on here!

  11. It looks so nice. I like how neat and clean it looks. You have planted so much I hope it all grows and grows. I had to laugh about the word plot. I never thought of that like that. I have a friend in England and I used a word that isn't bad here and she had to tell me it was a bad word where she lives. It is so funny when that happens.

  12. What a lovely garden "plot". :) We're having a terrible time with itty bitty grasshoppers. They're eating my flower foliage, too!


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