Things I'm Liking in the Plot...

I like the look of this...

 This is my first time ever growing strawberries, so this sight is gooooood!

 Now, this doesn't look so good. What has happened here? All you gardeners out there.... give me a clue.

 These are some of the basil plants I planted from seed. This is Lemon Basil.

 Tomato plants are another first for me. Again, taken from seed, so we'll see how they go.

 I do like the look of all these tubs with strawberry plants in the new greenhouse the Builder made me. These plants aren't as far on as the other few at the beginning of this post, but hopefully inside in the warmth, we'll see some fruit appearing at some stage of the summer.

 I like love the look of this! These are onions we planted at the end of last year, left them in the cold frame over the winter and began feeding and watering them as the days began stretching. We have three or four of these tubs, and many of the onions are ready to eat.

For very little effort, this is a real success story.

 Our potatoes are beginning to sprout beautifully. Let's hope for no gales. Even though we have the fencing right around the plot, because we are so exposed here, the wind can still cause terrible damage to our plants.

 I like that we have this netting (now!) on our onions. When the Builder planted them last Saturday, they were open, and the starlings had wonderful fun uplifting dozens and dozens of them. Thankfully, we had this netting in the garage, so now the onions are able to begin sprouting in peace.

I like that some of the brassicas are now showing signs, not only of growth, but of this coming together in the centre. I always think this looks so lovely. This plant is a Romanesco.

So, these are some of the things I'm liking in the plot right now. But before I go, I have to tell you one thing I dislike.... okay, hate! Greenfly. Grrrrr! I found a few on the strawberry plants I have in the little greenhouse (the ones with the actual strawberries in the photos). So far, none of the little rascals have made their way into the bigger greenhouse. If they do, I shall not be the happiest chappy in town.

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful. Oh, I mean plot, it looks wonderful. :-) I am with you on the greenflies. My son looked them up when I read this post outloud. He said, "They're aphids". My son says they dislike garlic, catnip, and mint. He said if you put those plants near the infested plants, they will leave. So, it's worth a try.

  2. What beautiful, beautiful plants! I do hope the green fly is stopped and does no harm to your lovely plants.

    Our "plot" is a sorry excuse of a garden this year. It's very sad. We haven't had any time to devote to gardening this summer, we only planted tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. At least we'll hopefully have some fresh salsa.

  3. I'm not sure what happened to that strawberry. It looks like when a snail or a worm eats a fruit and leaves those crooked tracks all over it, but I don't know what pests you might have. Your other plants are looking gorgeous, though!

  4. Those potatoes look amazing! Bet you're going to have a lot of them. Looks like something is eating your strawberries. We have problems with roly polys and strawberries here. Not sure what the real bug name is but they are the black ones with a hard shell that roll up in a ball if you touch them. Could that be it?

  5. This is so beautiful. I think I'd just sit and stare at it. I don't have the gift of gardening, so I am awestruck when I see it in other people. Lisa~

  6. Your plants are beautiful--love the herbs. There is nothing like garden fresh strawberries and it looks like your are coming along welI. I'm not sure what caused the brown spot on the one strawberry.

    Wish you could visit Michigan! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your plants look wonderful! I think we have green flies too? I don't know they are little green bugs, but I'm not sure if they fly or not. I've been spraying them with organic insecticide. Also, I read on a blog earlier that 1/2 c brown sugar dissolved in a gallon of water is a good insect repellant. I don't know though.

  8. looking good! I admire your efforts! I am rubbish at growing anything! except, maybe, myself? I can grow quite nicely, if I eat too many cakes, or sometimes Robert helps me grow a bit ;-)

  9. Your garden looks beautiful! I popped over from Pioneer Woman and spent some time looking around. Looks like you stay busy!

  10. Your strawberries have been munched by a slug or snail. So annoying! But it looks as if you have a heavy crop, so they surely can't get round them all.

    Your plot looks a real delight.


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