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Head over to Every Ruralty this week again for more answers to these questions.

1. Which works better for you- watching calories or carbs?
Well, I don't do either if I'm honest. But if I have to lose a few pounds (which I do, because my summer clothes have shrunk over the winter), I simply have to cut out my 'extras'.... my cups of tea with biscuits and cake.

I have to stop baking, and stop my daughters baking. But then, the others don't get cakes, so I feel like a bad wife and mother. So I have a choice: fit into my summer clothes and be a bad wife and mother or realise there's no need for my summer clothes anyway in these temperatures, and be happy that I can be a good, caring, nourishing wife and mother.

I choose to be a good wife and mother: such selfless acts on my part.

2. Do you take supplements?
No. Although I think I'll start on Evening Primrose. Anyone recommend it?

3. What's the healthiest thing you do for yourself on a regular basis?
Oh Patrice, you're going to have to stop asking these questions! 
Umm, I don't make puddings generally through the week - does that count? (You'd say a bit fat 'No/Nein/Non/Chan eil' if you knew that if there is no pudding, then I just have tea and cakes or biscuits)

I also went for a lovely walk yesterday with my cousin, who was staying with us. Ourselves and Jackson took a long walk down to the machair and onto the beach. That was a definite 'good for body and mind', but it doesn't come in to the 'regular' category.

Okay, I'm waffling because I'm struggling to answer your question!

4. If you could start a home business, what would it be?
Well, I already do translation work from home, and I do love this kind of thing. Obviously, finding time is the big issue at this stage of my life with home-schooling, but when I am doing this work, I do love being stuck in a corner with dictionaries, words and my laptop.

If we had the money, we'd build a couple of lodges here for holiday homes. I love the view from our home so I reckon others would too. I would love to be able to give folks a really special time of holiday, and always feel so disappointed for people whose week's holiday has been ruined by bad service or cranky staff or bad food. One day, maybe...

5. Who did the cooking in your family when you were growing up?
Er, Mum. Is there any other person who does cooking in a family?

Since Dad retired, he has discovered the whereabouts of the kettle, and is able to make a cuppa.

He may also be able to butter his own toast, but, apart from that....?!


  1. I enjoy reading this. May I ask what motivates this "column"? I am new to your blog by a few weeks. Perhaps you can help me understand. Meanwhile, keep sharing.

  2. I love Weightless Wednesdays in your little corner of the internet, Anne!

    I'll holiday with you when you get your lodges built. You and your enticing sunset photos.... :)

  3. I had the same problem- my summer clothes shrunk!
    Evening Primrose oil was really good when I took it. It helped with some female issues. Taking a walk does count as something healthy. Sign me up for one of your cottages! It can be my home away from home. :)

  4. :) I loved that you have decided to just forgo summer clothes and enjoy the goodies.

    The cottages are a fab idea! I would come across the pond to visit. ;)

  5. You never dissappoint, I always look forward to stopping by for your Wed. reflections, they always make me smile and laugh.

    I love your honesty, let's just all be honest, we need cake!

    Oh the cottage idea, that is lovely, and what a blessing that would be to others to be able to share that lovely view of yours. I do hope that dream comes true for you all.

    Big hugs!!!

  6. Love these posts and your unflinching commitment to selfless mothering!!!

  7. ALL my clothes shrunk after enjoying a week-long cruise and then the holidays! I am finally fitting into my pre-cruise clothes. I have about fifteen more pounds to be at my ideal weight!

    And, I like the answer to the first question! We women always have our family's best interests at heart!

  8. I'm new to your blog, but loving it! I vacationed in Scotland over 20 years ago, but still have vivid memories of how beautiful it was, and I can't wait to go back someday!

    Loved your comment about being "stuck in a corner"... I totally agree! I'd add my Bible and some dark chocolate though! :)

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Blessings ~ Kirsten from www.lightexpectations.blogspot.com

  9. Very nice and I of course would love to visit a lodge in Scotland and stare at your view. It sounds wonderful.

  10. You are hilarious! I loved every one of your responses!

  11. I'm with Mrs. C ~ we all need cake! But we all need supplements too. May I recommend sea vegetables?

    I take evening primrose on occassion and it does a body good. I would love love love to come to a cottage on the croft.


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