Wednesday's Questions....on Thursday!

Here are Patrice's questions for this week:

1. What's your favorite food at a BBQ?

You know, BBQ is not a common occurence in this neck of the woods. Just think weather. But we did have a lovely barbeque one evening last year and the sun came out.

As for my favourite food? May I choose the desserts?

No? Actual barbeque food? I think it would be the chicken if it's been marinaded in something really nice. My brother-in-law cooks food that is magnifique.

2. Do you have any good tips for making recipes healthier?
Nope, I really don't. I'm sorry, but if I'm ever changing a recipe from what's recommended, it's to put in more butter; more sugar; more cream. I never buy low-fat foods, or low-sugar (oh, I tell a lie - the diluting juice is sugar-free, right enough), but apart from that.... none.

3. As you know, I'm a chef. If I knocked at your door and told you that I would prepare any dinner you wanted, what would that be?
Oh what a dream that would be! I think I'd choose a fish dish for the main course. Some sea bass, and I'd leave the rest of the dish up to you (but remember - we love potatoes). 
For a starter..... let me think: if I was having fish for my main course, I'd choose a chicken wrap or roll. Feel free to add as many ingredients in the roll as you wish!
And pudding..... It would have to be something chocolatey. I'm thinking something warm and some dreamy Italian ice-cream.
And then another pudding - something fruity, just to finish on a healthy note. 
Er, just checking the diary.... When can you come round?? 

4. Running or walking?
May I choose Option C?

5. What are you reading lately? 
I have a few books on the go:  
I've just finished the second book, Daughter of Zion, in the Zion Chronicles series by Brodie and Brock Thoene.
Mission of Motherhood, Sally Clarkson.
Spurgeon's Daily Reading 

In Freedom's Cause, GA Henty

(Our read-aloud just now is the Little House series - we're on By the Banks of Plum Creek. I'm lovin' it!)


  1. Thanks for joining in this week. I never buy low fat foods. I convinced that they aren't good for you. We never use any artificial sweeteners, but I do cut back on the regular sugar. D2 received her letter and really enjoyed reading it. I'm sure an answer will be on its way soon!

  2. Heehee, great answers. I especially like your chocolate pudding idea and answer to Q4!

  3. running or walking? ... "may I choose option C?" You are hilarious!

    Hope you're having a good week, Anne!

  4. Your answers make me smile! Love reading what you have to say to these questions!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. This is always a fun stop for me. Your answers make me laugh. I think I would go for option C too. Although, the children are dragging me on a walk today. My sister just recently ran a marathon which is beyond my comprehension ~ a real person, that I know personally, ran 26 miles non-stop. So it is possible!

  6. I do cut back on sugar when I can, as well as on things like butter and milk. However, my philosophy has been for a very long time, if I'm going to have something sweet, I am going to have REAL sugar in it! haha I am weird like that I suppose. I also prefer whole milk/dairy products versus reduced fat, because for some of us, it just seems easier to digest.

    I loved your answers! I also thought "Can I choose C?" was hysterical! And also, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Little House on the Prairie series when I was a child. Read them all the way through in no time, savored every bit and fully intend to read them with my kiddos someday! Good for you all! They are great books to learn history and culture and how things were done in those pioneer days, not just fun reads. :) -- Rachel

  7. Oh, Lady! You're a woman after my own heart! LOL! We read In Freedom's Cause by Henty and loved it! Have you read the Galway Chronicles by the Thoene's? They're some of my favorites! Grew up on the Little House Series. Happy reading! <3


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