You Needing a Laugh?

Those of you who follow Homeschool on the Croft on Facebook will already know that we were without internet from Saturday morning until this morning.

We almost had to call 999 for our kids. After all, Saturday night had been set as a plan-the-next-holiday-to-America evening for DR and, er, someone else. And when America is on some people's minds, well, it aint the time for the internet to be dying on us.

If you follow Homeschool over on FB, you will also know that last Wednesday evening was designated split-your-sides-over-Anne's-fashion-twenty-years-ago night. 

I seriously can't believe I'm doing this, but I don't want my blog readers to be disadvantaged in any way. Just cos y'all don't do Facebook, it doesn't mean you ought not to risk dying laughing at me.

Okay, are you guys ready for this? In the following video, at 16 seconds, I'm the one wrapping the parcel. I seriously am not going to comment on the hair, nor on the fashion. 

Not. one. word.

And then at around 1:24, I am coming up the escalator.

I really oughtn't be doing this to myself. But if you need to feel good about yourself, or if you really, really need a good laugh, have a watch.


  1. Um, where's the funny part? You look perfectly alright to me!

  2. You just looked normal to me. :) I wore that same kind of hair and clothes. :)
    Is that Gaelic? I always wondered what it sounded like.
    I think it was nice.

  3. I rather liked this and I do believe I have worn much the same outfit! lol

  4. Well, it seems the styles there and here, were pretty much the same back in the day. You could have easily fit in over here, so don't be so hard on yourself. My gals were trying hard to guess, are you all teaching Gaelic in this series? Loved hearing Scottish voices!

  5. Ladies, you are clearly *much* more polite than my FB friends! I *knew* you were ;)
    And yes, it's teaching Gaelic.... apparently!

    Thank you all :))

  6. Okay Anne, this is the other Ann without the e from that weird country. That's England and not Australia! I showed my family your blog the other day, specifically a picture of you and asked them who it reminded them of. Husband nearly fell over. Kids said 'She looks like you mum' - they all had big smiles on their faces! I had a similar hairstyle in that era too and thick hair which hairdressers could never style properly. My dad said he was considering signing me up to be a stand in for the Dulux dog! (Liverpool humour!) I once went to a Greek hairdressers and came out with even bigger hair than I went in with. I went to a trendy expensive salon in London and came out looking like Rod Stewart. Thankfully, I was never filmed by the BBC, though when I was about 10 I got picked to do a radio interview with ballerinas from the famous Ballet Rambert. Very cultured I know but back then I had a thick Scouse accent and I don't think they even understood me. You can picture it now can't you! Love your funny posts - they bring out the comedian in me!

  7. That was AWESOME!!! Didn't understand most of it, but enjoyed hearing the language of me ancestors! Thank you so much for sharing, Anne! <3

  8. The fashion is pretty bad but thats not your fault thats just what the fashion was! I have looked at photos of my mum around then and she is the age that I am now but you would think (just because of the fashion) that she was a "smidgen" older! Anyway have a question, the man that you are coming up the escalator with can you remember his name? I think he used to work as a "chef" in the Hebridean Bar in Inverness in the late 80's/early 90's with my mum. If it's the same guy we used to call him the little chef and he was always good craic at a party. I can't remember his real name as we literally called him little chef all the time but if I heard it I would know! Loved Speaking Our Language when I was younger always felt they taught Gaelic in quite a simple way! x

    1. Aileen, yes, he did work as a chef back then, but I have to be honest, I couldn't tell you his name. I remember he was such good fun :)

    2. Thanks for getting back to me! Think I am going to look up loads of Speaking Our Language clips now. If I remember rightly one of my "cousins" appeared on it quite often so that was always a bit of a laugh!


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