Our Visitors. All the Way from England. That weird Country...

Remember I told y'all we were having some Sasannaich coming to stay.

Yes, remember we were gonna teach them about life in the wilds. 

So, the first thing we did was have a few round for some food.

After all, that's what we do bestest on the island.


Some of the guys filling plates. And stomachs.


and fellowship. What more can one ask for?

However, I did want the Sasannaich to go without them getting their hands dirty, so to speak.

I got J to do some vacuuming....

R to dry some dishes, 

and DR to mop.

DR mopping!! The floor didn't know what hit it.

(No, not because it was DR mopping, but simply because it was being mopped.)

But the best is yet to come. 

The other day, in 60mph winds, and in a windchill of -6 degrees, these hardy, intrepid folks jumped into the sea. 

Yes they did. For some inexplicable reason, they decided it would be great fun to jump into these waters in these conditions.

Give me strength! I can't bear to go into these waters above my ankles during the Summer! 

But here they are, with DR underwater.

He's alive!!

J now dives in...

then R,...

And now the incredibly brave, if somewhat mad, LJ.

Mad I tell you, mad...

And now we know that these Englishers are "a hardy, intrepid race" as well as us Scots.

Oh, hang on, these guys are Scots.... ;)


  1. O My goodness! I can not believe that they went into the water! I am freezing just looking at this picture!

    Come on over and sign up for the giveaway I am having on my blog. :)

  2. Hmm...odd lot indeed! Looks like fun, though....well, not really, but it will make for a good story....not really, hmm....ummm....I know some people who might do the same....

  3. HAHAHA love the polar bear swim....well how nice all the visitors and even clean up after ~Great Pics Love Heather

  4. It's their Scotttish blood, Anne :-) Thanks for looking after them so well Hx

  5. Hmm, I think I have English in my blood, but could be Scottish, Nah, I don't know what I have. It doesn't matter. I think I would love to visit you just for the food. And no worries, I would love to help clean up the house, too.

    Regardless of how cold that water was, it was a beautiful sight.

  6. I meant to tell you, I would love to come for the fellowship too. We used to have a lot of fellowship meals at our house when we lived in Vilnius, Lithuania. We miss our church family there. We were the only Americans, but who cares.

  7. Rachel... aint nothing quite like it, is there. And as for being the only Americans, somehow nationality matters not a jot when you're in God's family :)

  8. I am shivering just looking at the pictures :0! But it looks like they had a great time!

  9. Mercy! Our 'yankee' daughter in law goes polar swimming every year! I agree with 'down on the farm'...it makes me cold just looking at it! Im going to go sit by the fire for a bit! Whew!

  10. wow...that looks like fun...kind of ;)

    happy new year friend!

  11. Cannot believe they jumped into that water!

  12. Which of the T-bulls were there?


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