Jackson... and unwanted Jowls

Here's my boy looking out our kitchen window the other morning. Just after this photo was taken, he noticed his auntie (in the red jacket) to his left. His interest, mind you, was in the two collies she had with her.

The sock was dropped, and the 'bright, intelligent' look appeared.

Holding my head up high... If it wasn't for the jowl, I'd look a million dollars.

Seriously, the jowl...

Here's him without it. Doesn't he look gooood? 

My velvety ears, and soft eyes. Gorgeous.

This photo is worth showing so you can see that we do, occasionally, have blue bits in our sky.

Blue bits and even shadows.

And my wee baby silently looking on...


  1. Kathie,our black lab says.........she loves a man with a jowl. :)

  2. We field trialed dogs for a number of years and Jackson is, without a doubt, THE most beautiful lab I have ever seen. The jowls just make him look more mature, right?

  3. Hee Hee, very adorable jowl and all. Loved the dropping of the sock. Am enjoying a long awaited for blogging catch up day.... having fun reading through your January. So glad, also, to having blogging friends whether we have ever had a chance to meet in person or not... we are related by blood... the blood of the Lamb.
    Love you lots,


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