Food. I May be Becoming Obsessed

Maybe this has been common knowledge throughout the rest of the Western world, and if it has been, I don't know why nobody ever told me. Thank you to a lady from our village who told me just a couple of weeks ago that she always chopped up her carrots, leeks and turnip, bagged them and froze them.  No par-boiling; no blanching. Nothing. Just straight from the plot to the freezer. 

Today, I added another four bags of chopped turnip to the half-dozen already in the freezer. This is so handy for when I'll be making Scotch Broth with little time.

No, not with a little Thyme, but with little time.

Bags of chopped turnip, ready to throw into a pan of Scotch Broth at a later date.

And seeing as I'm talking of my vegetables (I know, you've missed hearing of them), here are some of my peeled and chopped veggies from Saturday.

All from The Plot.... yes, I did say it (and not just once): 
'It's so amazing. Ah-ma-zing!'

Well, it is!

Now, y'all will be thinking I'm obsessed with food, but I have to show you this...

Dawn's carrot cake. 

These are not the days on which to be making New Year resolutions. Unless the resolution is to eat as much cake as possible.

Of every cake I have ever eaten, this is simply the best.

The Best.

If cakes were actors, this would be Colin Firth in that scene.

If cakes were cars, this would be the Land Rover Discovery (not that there are many apparent similarities, but they are both my favourite in their respective classes).

If cakes were holidays, this carrot cake would fly me to Vancouver, take me East across Canada, through the Rockies, over the Prairies, all the way to the fishing villages of Nova Scotia.

It would then drive me south into the USA, through the New England coast, and keep driving until we reached New Jersey. There, it would allow me to wallow in the luxury of 'our seaside home' (remember it?) for a while, before heading me into Virginia....ahhhh, Virginia, land of Mr Jackson (you remember him?), into North Carolina, across the Blue Ridge Mountains..... Ahhh from where we'd head West and drive into the sunset day after day after day. 

Into the Wild West....

Er... I seem to have got slightly carried away here. Food does that to me.

And this old favourite, PW's Chocolate Sheet cake, sat on the counter on Saturday, waiting to be remembered. Even cakes aren't keen on being usurped by bigger, better ones.

'Chocolate sheet cake, I can assure you, you will not be forgotten.' 

We shall not cease to bake you. Over and over and over. If you guys have never tried it, make it. You wont regret it.

Though your waistline may...


  1. Haha, love it
    Dawn x

  2. I am always on the hunt for an amazing carrot cake, will you share a recipe with us? The veggies are Amazing! I long to have my own garden and grow my own veggies again.

  3. Colin Firth and cake! What more could a girl want?!! LOL! Cx

  4. That cake looks amazing so amazing in fact that I don't believe you would even have posted a photo had you not been safely tucked away with an ocean (or minch) to prevent us all from coming right over to get some. Either that or you held the phot back until the cake was safely consumed - I'm sure it wouldn't last long!!! ;)

  5. we've had a lot going on in our neck of the woods - major stress and dependence on the Lord. Your post put a smile on my face and lightened my load a bit. Thanks. Perhaps a sheet cake is in order.

    God bless you.

  6. so...have you shared your recipe for scotch broth? i have turnips coming out of my ears!

  7. Hello Anne
    My other daughter said I was beginning to sound like Mrs. Bennet. I guess I had better watch myself.
    Thanks for your comment, I have to be careful too as she will be just like a deer, if Mom likes him she will bolt. :) I know I did when my Mom liked someone.

  8. Lol I love this post! I think any foodie would! ;-) The cakes look a.maz.ing! Good thing one cannot gain weight LOOKING at cake through the monitor! I'd be in trouble by now! hahaha

    Hey I tagged you on my blog, so please check out my latest post! Have a blessed day! - Rachel


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