Just Life Here at Home

The Wee Guy is on his break. He has finished his Maths and headed out the door, shouting as he went: "Can't you see the fear in the eyes of the British Redcoats?".

"Oi!", I call, "You are British!".

"But today, I am fighting for freedom!".

You know what? I reckon that boy is learning right enough.

 I'm just not sure our guys have quite made up their minds as to where their hearts are.


...or across the Pond??

* * *          * * *          * * * 

For lunch today, we're having Courgette soup, made last summer when our courgettes were coming thick and fast. All the veg that were made into soups in late summer and in the autumn are now being appreciated by all.... (well, by me in particular, because I am enjoying them without having to make them). Soups in the freezer are the best thing ever.

When we go from this...

to this ...

and then to soup on our plates... Yep, it makes the work worthwhile

* * *         * * *         * * *

This morning, we read this in Jeremiah:

"Seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not." Jer 45:5

... I thought they were striking words.

* * *         * * *         * * * 


  1. I was reading in Job this morning - many things caught my eye....especially the part when it says "when he has tried me, I will come forth as gold"...what an encouragement in trials!

    1. Oh, for the grace to see these things....

    2. Wow, that verse in Job (rather lengthy in it's whole) was one that my wife Sherry memorized for a recent event. VERY relevant and impacting! Thx!

      Anne, Great post today! Your Wee Guy and my Andrew are cut from the same cloth! What a hoot! -R

  2. Ah..those words...very provoking to be sure. Thanks!
    The soup sounds delicious! and so does the thought of it already being made!
    Certainly made me chuckle to hear about the Wee Guy's adventuring!

  3. AWW Anne your little guys is so ADORABLE! What an amazing family you all are. So blessed to read into your lives!

  4. That is so cute what your little one said! Has he seen the pics of our little guys on the 'reenacting page' on our blog? He may get a kick out of that!
    Blessings, Dana

  5. That's one of the BEST things about homeschooling!
    Is that broccoli? Bet the soup was good.

  6. Hi Anne I have linked you to my Random 11 post today. I sure hope you are able to participate.


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