Blue Skies, No Wind, and Plenty Photos

The girls and I went to the beach yesterday afternoon to take some photos.

The day was sunny, and this was mid-afternoon, so the sun was beginning to set. There was also - and this is noteworthy - no wind.

Well, when I say no wind, I mean no wind by our standards. It was a really lovely day.

They even wore dresses for the occasion, and Catherine swapped her spotty wellies for little pumps.

Not sure why.

Then they climbed up onto a dune, just for the fun of watching me having to climb up after them.

I reached. Eventually. And clearly my daughters were taking this whole photo-shoot-thingy really seriously.

(see our house in the background)

Ahhh ... a nice pose.

Just keep it there girls.

Ahem. That was clearly long enough. 

And now you-know-who is in on the action.

Watching Jackson climb these soft-sand dunes was a treat.

An absolutely hilarious treat!

We then headed down to the beach itself...

Jackson had a ball running along the beach, and splashing in the waves.

See him go!

Of course, we couldn't possibly have ventured to the beach without the protection of....

Yes, you guessed it. Our warrior protector was there the whole time.

Fighting battles while we strolled, laughed and clicked the camera to our hearts' content.

I've already posted faaaaar too many photos, so I'll leave you with one of my favourites...

Close up, with the Butt in the background.

And remember: Butt = Top. Thank you


  1. GORGEOUS!!!! Ermmm....do they realise it's FEBRUARY?!?! I know it LOOKS like the summer, with the gorgeous sunshine etc, but either you are a far hardier bunch than you get credit for, the girls are insane, or your temperatures are a lot better than our sub-zero ones we have been having!!!! :-D whatever the answer, the pictures are amazing...two beautiful daughters...what a blessing! x

  2. they are such beauties. sounds like you all had fun!

  3. I absolutely love it! Now, if only I could be there one day to take some pictures with you all and Anna!! Too much fun to think on.....

  4. What great photos; that last one is so gorgeous of your girls! Love this post!!

  5. You have a beautiful homeland and gorgeous daughters. Great pictures!

  6. A beautiful collection of photos of what was obviously a stellar day. Thanks so much for sharing it all!

  7. Beautiful girls and a very cute dog! Love that you had a warrior along for protection.

  8. Just so very lovely!!!! What great girls you have. And, those are some priceless pictures.

  9. What a gorgeous day for you all! Your daughters are just beautiful! And that sandy beach, so close to your home, reminding us of how many times our Father thinks on us. Too incredible for words.


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