Today's Blether with Patrice and the Gang

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Same as I had every other day! A mug of tea and some toast. Just plain wholemeal bread toasted with butter. That's what I begin every day with. Right now (just before midday) I had a coffee with a slice of still-warm Lemon Loaf.

The Wee Guy isn't well these days with a fluey-type virus that's fairly doing the rounds just now. Right now, he's on the sofa, we're watching a DVD on the Fall of Rome, and enjoying the cake together. 

2. What's your favourite kind of juice?

I'm not a huge fruit juice drinker, really. The Builder begins his day with a glass of fresh orange juice, but my day must begin with warm drinks: water and tea. I do like fresh orange mixed with lemonade, and if I'm every eating out, that's what I drink with my meal.

3. Have you tried Pinterest yet?

Oh, Patrice, I have stayed away from it. Catherine and Katie do some browsing, and show me bits and bobs from it, but I am determined not to get caught up in it. I have enough on my plate! To be honest, I'm not sure I 'get' it properly, and I want to leave it like that ... for now anyway

4. I can't wait for __________ from my garden (or farmers' market).

I can't wait .... just to get started! I have itchy feet to just get going. I can't wait to begin planting seeds in trays and pots, and then to watch the green popping up through the soil. I love it! I know the kids all laugh at me, but it really does make me Ooooh! and Ahhhh! No doubt, there will be many, 'Am-a-zings' to be heard. I am not allowing myself to look at a seed until this (paid) work on which I'm working just now is done. I'm half-way through it just now. Thirteen programmes down ... thirteen to go.

And then SEEDS!

As for what I'll be eating: I can't wait for the baby carrots - they are the tastiest little babies ever. I can't wait to have my own coriander again - a plentiful supply of my favourite herb to chuck onto curries and Mexican dishes. I also can't wait to make PW's salsa again. (I'm linking to my own post on it, because I took it from PW's book and can't find the recipe on her site. Apologies to PW if it is there, and I just haven't found it.) Her recipe transformed salsas for me (though all you guys across the Pond probably knew all this stuff about salsa long, long ago).

5. The worst job I ever had was _________________ .

You know, I don't think I've ever had a really yucky job. Yep, I've been spoilt all my life! Whilst still at school, and then at college, I worked summers and Saturdays in a newsagent's shop in Stornoway. I liked my workmates, and the work was great. So, no bad memories there. Having left college, I worked as a hairdresser in my Dad's salon. I wouldn't go back to that working life, but it certainly wasn't real hardship. Since graduating from University, I have been a stay-at-home-mum, and all my work has been 'from home'. Finding the time in which to work is an issue, but the work of translating (mostly) educational materials is something I love. So, as you can see ... I've had a doddle of a working life. 

I don't want to go on and on and on about being a SAHM, but I simply wouldn't swap my 'job' for anything in the world. I am so, so thankful that I'm able to be at home with the kids every single day, and in addition to simply being at home, I cannot believe how blessed I am to be able to homeschool them as well. I truly am blessed beyond words, and I do realize it. 

And on a day like today, when the Wee Guy is not toddy - to be able to sit with my laptop and do some work, whilst being able to keep him company on the sofa ... well, that says it all.

"The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: Thou maintainest my lot. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea I have a goodly heritage." 
Ps 16: 5, 6

(Because I have this 'work' right now, and because I'm running on a really tight schedule, my blogging and my commenting on other people's blogs has fallen slightly by the wayside. I am able to read blogs, but unfortunately I don't comment as often as I normally would. (I do like to comment often on the blogs I read, otherwise I feel like I'm an eavesdropper!). So, to those of you who normally know I've popped by because I say Hi, please know that I probably still have, but until this work is done, I am really having to limit my stopping-by time. Hopefully, I'll be back to my normal can't-keep-her-thoughts-to-herself Anne in a couple of months' time) 

Lovin' y'all,
the somewhat-busier-than-normal Anne :)


  1. Like you, I love being home with my family! I hope the wee guy is better soon. That type of thing made the rounds in our house. At one time, I had three of the girls sick. I sent them all to their rooms so the rest of us wouldn't get it. That made for a number of trips up and down the stairs for the mama. Exercise?

    Sounds like you and I are staying away from Pinterest for the same reasons. It would be too easy to spend lots of time there.

    You are fortunate to have had only good experiences with work. Your work at home now sounds like it fits well with family life.
    Enjoyed the blether! (I've never used that word before, but there's a first time for everything. :)

  2. I so enjoyed being a SAHM. It seems to be harder nowadays, though, what with the high cost of everything. My DIL is fortunate enough to be able to stay home with her four but she finds that not many of the other moms are around.

    No Pinterest for me either. I did look in but it was pretty easy to back out again. I think I'll leave it that way, too.

    Oh, and I think seeds and little green shoots are miracles. I love spring for just that sense of wonder and awe.

  3. I definitely like beginning my day with warm drinks. The first thing I do is have a cup of tea. By the time DH is out the door, I'm ready to make my breakfast and coffee. I have to have my coffee or I just don't feel like myself. I know precisely how you feel about being a SAHM. It's a beautiful thing and truly a huge blessing from God.

  4. I have felt the same guilt, I have not been able to comment very much either. So I am saying hi and I loved your questions. :) Life will return to normal soon, I think.
    Blessings to you,

  5. So sorry your Wee Guy isn't feeling well! So glad you can be there with him to nurse him back to health. :)

    That verse from Psalm 16 has long been one of my favorites. Like you, I can truly say the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places. I've had an incredibly blessed life.

    I'm with you about Pinterest...I'm sure it would be lots of fun, but I'm purposely keeping myself away from it right now. Maybe someday though... :)

  6. Sorry the Wee Guy is under the weather....glad you get to be right there! I love that too! Busy around our house too....I haven't posted...and when even my husband mentions that, I know it's been a while!....but...I'll get back to it soon! At this point, I'm just glad to have a minute to check in to my bloggy friends! Hope you have a good day, and that the Wee Guy is back in the saddle again soon!


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