Big Brother and a Big Birthday

Last night, the Builder's family came together to celebrate a rather significant birthday, for a rather significant Big Brother.

We love this guy, don't we...

... especially when he smiles ;)

So, apparently is was a Big Birthday for Big Brother yesterday.

And here are the seven siblings.
The Builder is looking positively small in this photo. Big Brother is looking a bundle of laughs. Baby Brother is just looking handsome as ever. ;)

After our meal, we came back home where the nieces and nephews were waiting for their favourite uncle.

Here they are surrounding him. They think they're in line to be in his will.

We know they're in line to be looking after him in his old age. 

Big Brother surprised us by indicating he would make a speech. Turned out, however, that he'd taken the wrong speech along. This one began: 'On behalf of my wife and I......'. Aye, it would appear that he can fold that one away carefully for another wee while.

(Unless there's something we don't know...)

(Oh, and you didn't believe the whole BB-was-gonna-make-a-speech thing, did you?  If you did, you really don't know this guy.) 

One of our nieces decorated this cake for him. Don't you love it... sheep, fencing, feeding troughs (even the obligatory sheep poo on the grass!). Yep, this made him feel right at home.

Here's Katie and Catherine's flock of Blackface sheep, again made in honour of the Right Honourable BB.

His siblings' main present to him was this fabulous camera. 

And we got this painting of Bruce and John Wayne made for him.


  1. oh, loved all of this! first, what a great family!!! and the sheep cake and cupcakes!!! and the painting is wonderful!!!

  2. "The Right Honourable BB" - love it!

  3. Looked like a very happy time! Family are such a blessing! :-) x

  4. Looks like a really good night...sure he could feel the love! All the pictures are fun. Many happy returns of the day, BB!

  5. What a wonderful birthday party! I must admit that I love the cake and cupcakes. Too cute.

  6. He must feel so extremely special after all that! What a wonderful family celebration, thank you for sharing the event w/ us all. It's so good to see families making such a big fuss over one another, letting each one know how much they're loved. So very special!!!

  7. It is very special, indeed, to still have all family around to celebrate! I love seeing your photos. The cake and cupcakes are beyond creative and awesome! Well done to the creator of those. Happy wonderful birthday to him!


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