A year ago this week, I posted this, and as the Wee Guy will be doing much about the same tomorrow as he was doing in this post, I will re-post last year's round-up of the Scanning Day.

The sun rises. Today is the day.

... the day we take them to the local midwives and get some serious scanning done. Today, we find out whether 'It's a boy!' will be said more or less frequently than 'It's a girl!'.

No?? What do you mean we don't find out if they're expecting a boy or a girl??

(Oh, and did y'all notice the 'we'? Ahem.)

Serious discussion is all part of the day. See Katie sitting up on the wall? See the roadkill on her head? 

Nice. Not.

These, of course, aren't Big Brother's sheep.

They're not Blackface Sheep. Clearly.

You wont know this Wee Fella. He's my soldier-shepherd.

"Hallo, pal. This is your Mum. You remember - the one who wouldn't allow you to take the sword and shield out to the fank, even though you told me there would be rebellions to quash all the way between home and there."

I am so glad to see that, despite your lack of armour, you reached the fank. You, BB and cousin Daniel all safe and sound. Amazing, eh?

The scanner-man is inside this simple, er, box.

The man on the outside sprays the sheep with the appropriate colour.

Erm... red for a girl and blue for a boy, I think.

"What was that, BB?"

Oh, apparently, it's got nothing to do with the gender, but you and I knew that all along. It's one colour for one lamb, another for twins, and another for triplets.

Or, if the owner prefers, it's all one colour, but it's a spot on the shoulder for one, on the middle for twins and on the derriere for triplets.

Got it? Yep, me too.

This wee guy was with his dad. Now, seriously, you guys have got to hear a wee fella blether in Gaelic like 'one of the boys' to know just how adorably cute it is.

This little guy spends a lot of time with older folks, and you can tell it. On his talk. On his walk. And on how friendly and sociable he was. He was a real cracker.

Oh, Shhhh, everyone. BB is talking.

And if he is, you'd better Be Quiet and Listen.

(I asked Big Brother how John Wayne had Bruce had, er, performed. As you know BB loves to talk and go into all the detailed information with his very knowledgeable sister-in-law. You didn't know that? Oh yes. Well, kinda.

Anyway, the boys done good. I knew y'all would want to know.)


  1. cool to see this process! (love that little guy and his cheeks!)

    (would you consider removing word verification?! please!?!!)

    1. I think I've removed it... I saw your post earlier and was gonna check if that's the way my blog worked. Thanks for pointing that out to me... x

  2. How exciting!

    Haven't seen you for a while at my blog, but no worries. Stop by whenever.

  3. love the rose cheeks on the little guy....and an interesting process indeed!! thanks for sharing ~Love Heather

  4. i really enjoy your blog learn something all the time

  5. I think that would be a nice day. I like looking at all of your sheep. What do you do with your wool? Do you spin?

  6. Seems like a fun day! Glad there will be wee sheep soon!

  7. Loved this blethering! Course I'm sorta in sheep mode right now.

    My oldest heard there is a cute cowgirl from Scotland working at a large ranch nearby for a month. He shadows there off and on. Guess where he's going next Tuesday? Yep, to the ranch. :)


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