Sun. We Had Sun

Today, we had sun. Are you hearing me?

We had sun.

 Here is the plot right now. The forefront of the photo is all empty just now. 

In front of the cage on the right, there are other windbreaks, and we have the leeks planted in there.

 On the outside of each cage, there are posts a-plenty....

 and on the inside, the Builder had to put more props because of last week's gales.

 Because we have the cages it does mean that these plants have survived. There are three weeks since these were planted in the cage. There has been no real growth, because the temperatures have been so low, but at this stage I'm just thankful they have survived.

I was speaking to a fellow from the village yesterday, and his Duke of York 'earlies' were coming on a treat until last week's gale, when he lost them all. I'm thankful our potatoes were later in being planted and so have just begun to show their heads above ground.
 Big Brother's sheep were loving the weather this evening.

See the black lamb? This is Jenny Miracle, according to the kids..... because she's a genetic miracle.

She is pure black and is lovely.

Not what Big Brother wants to see too often, but Jenny is loved by all - even by him.

 I stood in the Family Room window at 9 o'clock this evening and took this photo looking North.

You can see the Butt of Lewis lighthouse near the centre of the photo.

Then looking north-west....

...and south-west.

It was good to see the sun. It makes me smile.

You know, when the sun doesn't set until late at night, it's very difficult to go to bed early. I love sitting watching the sun set. 


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  1. Dear Anne,

    Oh, I so know how you feel! We have had rain here in Maine forever...and finally, today, was sunny! What a blessing! We have not been able to plant our "taters" yet because the garden is still too wet...hopefully this weekend. Yesterday, we were on a tornado watch...which is very odd for Maine. Several did touch down in New England...and we are thanking the Lord today that we were spared and praying for those who suffered in yesterday's wind and rain. Right now I'm thinking about how much the harvest will mean to us all this year!

    Have a blessed evening,

  2. Oh I am so happy you saw sunshine. It lifts the spirits!!!!

  3. I had the opposite post yesterday... we finally got some much needed rain!

    I'm happy you enjoyed some sunshine and that your crops have faired the weather thus far!

    Nice photos!

  4. Lovely pictures! Hooray for sunshine! Enjoy!
    I love black sheep!

  5. You live near a lighthouse?! Oh, do a post on that. I've never even seen one.
    I'm glad you got to see the sun today.
    Yea for sunshine!

  6. Great pictures. I would love to see that country some time. Glad to hear you saw the sunlight, too. I think if you continue to see it, your little plants might all-of-a-sudden grow taller. Just be patient with the little things. My garden is a slow go because it was not warm enough. Seems like it might turn out okay after all.

    Oh, the little black sheep looks like a dog to me. :-)

  7. Aha...so you have a black sheep in the family :)
    I'd love to see a close up sometime. If possible? After all our hills and mountains, I can't get over the nice flatness of your lands. You have a beautiful place by the sea and I saw the lighthouse in the photo. And, I love the idea of the "green" houses. With your flat lands, your plants need that protection. Love the photos!

  8. I am so glad you had sun! lol Scotland is beautiful. Lovely looking landscapes. I am so envious. One day I will get there. *sigh*

  9. Oooo - sun! Don't you just want to hug it?? We finally are having some here today too. I don't think I'll ever get enough!!

  10. Beautiful photos, Anne! Love them! Someday I want to visit where you live. :)


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