How to Melt Mum's Heart, #378

For some reason, the Wee Guy decided this morning to collect items from each room in the house, put them on the steps of the stair, place a price tag on them, and expect us all to buy our own stuff back.

He thinks this is a perfectly reasonable way of saving for his next Bruder truck.

A short time ago, I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink. 

These wouldn't be pots and pans left from yesterday's dinner, because I would never allow dirty dishes to lie overnight without being washed. Just so y'all know that.

Anyway, I'm standing at the kitchen sink, and the Wee Guy comes and stands beside me, leaning against the worktop.

Big sigh.

"What's up, darling?"

"There's something about having a shop I just hadn't realised."

"What's that?"

"I just hadn't realised the pressure and the disappointment of people walking past the stair without even looking at my stuff."

How to melt Mum's heart in one easy step. 

And how to be in danger of being eaten alive by the aforementioned Mum.

Needless to say, I've now parted with some of my money for items which already belonged to me. They joys of having a Wee Guy who can twist his Mum around his little finger with nothing more than a look and a few words...


  1. Absolutely precious! Praise God for little princes...

    Sweet blessings,

  2. Oh Anne....this has got to be one of the BEST posts you've done! I loooooove it!! A snapshot of a Mother's heart.....
    Bless Wee Guy's heart! ((hug))

  3. Extremely Precious. I would be losing a good bit a money too with that sweetness!

  4. Oh my word I love this post! It made me smile and melted my heart, too, at the same time! How precious!! :)

  5. I would have suggested a career in dishwashing instead of stairway sales :-)

  6. I'm pretty certain, if we all lived near the Croft, we'd all hand over our things to him, so we could purchase them back, that is just too cute!!! Melting my heart too!!!

  7. Makes me smile! Reminds me of a kid I grew up with that went through the neighborhood selling his sister's gold fish and other treasures - nothing that belonged to him, mind you.
    So cute!
    Looks like you have an entrepreneurial little fellow there!

  8. that is hilarious. i just bought 4 tiny bags of sand from boo for .25 cents a bag!!
    we can't kill our kids' spirits and salesmanship now can we? :)

  9. Such a sweet little boy. I've never experienced the shop in my house. I think I would laugh to hear of my kids trying to sell me what is mine.

  10. Awww, sweet. They sure know how to melt hearts, don't they (and secretly I think the boys are best at this!)

    We have a shop (family business), so our kids play shop quite a lot - at the moment it is pet shops, so we are constantly buying pretend kittens. Everything at their shop always costs $80 - at least they are still young enough to accept pretend payment!

  11. Oh so sweet, I would buy my stuff back too.

  12. Cute story. He sounds like quite the sweetheart.


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