Last Night's Dinner

Last night was going to be DR's last evening with us for a while.

Where's he going to be? 

Well, he's going to be in Canada and in the USA. Without me.

In Canada. Without me.

In the USA. Without me.

There's only a couple of hours until he leaves and I'm still convinced he'll take me with him. (I mean, really.... could he possibly go without his Mum? Er, DR, don't answer that please. Not in that tone anyway, thank you.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Dinner last night. I gave DR the choice for dinner and he chose:

Chicken Parmigiana. I'd assumed he'd go for steak. I had certainly assumed he'd go for red meat of some description, but I was glad he chose this dish. We hadn't had it for a while, so it made it particularly tasty. Go check it out on PW's site. Delicious.

For pudding he chose White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis. It was a variation on this recipe, which we love:

White Chocolate Cheesecake with Berries

300 g White Chocolate
600 g Cream Cheese
284 ml Double Cream
50 g Castor Sugar

170 g Raspberries
5 tblsp Raspberry Jam
200 g small Strawberries
a few Blueberries (optional)

Line a lightly oiled 900 g loaf tin with cling film.

Melt the chocolate.

Whisk the cheese, cream and sugar together. Stir in the almost cool melted white chocolate until well combined.

Stir 50 g raspberries with 2 tblsp of the jam. Spoon half the cheese mixture into the loaf tin, then spoon the jammy raspberries down the centre. Top with the rest of the cheese mixture. Level the top, then press in the biscuits. Cover and chill for 6 hours or overnight.

Set aside about 6 strawberries. Halve the rest, then warm in a pan with the remaining jam until soft. Whizz in a food processor, then rub through a sieve. Add a drop of water if the sauce is too thick.

To serve, carefully turn the tin onto a plate, lift away and strip off the cling film. Halve the remaining strawberries, then arrange on top of the cake with the remaining  raspberries (and blueberries, if using). Pour a little sauce over, and serve the rest separately for drizzling over.

We didn't do this last night. We made a digestive biscuit base in a round tin and poured the cheesecake mix over it. We chilled it, and made a Raspberry Coulis, and served it like normal cheesecake. 

Tomorrow, I'll let y'all know whether I'm coping with my firstborn's desertion of his mother.


  1. you should really have us over for dinner one night :)

  2. Um...wow! That dinner sounds amazing - is there any better way to make a guy miss his home than to cook really good food for him right before he leaves? Great tactic! :)

  3. OK, I know 'biscuits' are cookies, but 'digestive bicuits' sounds more like something you take for a stomach ache, not make dessert (pudding) out of. Explanation?

    Where will DR be visiting in the USA? Did I miss the reason for his trip?

  4. The food sounds lovely! Hope DR has a great time.

  5. Yes, why is he making this trip? It sounds like so much fun! :) (I mean, *I* would be excited about making a trip to Scotland and the rest of the U.K., since I'm American. :)

  6. mmm I just ate and now I am hungry again! :) I <3 PW's recipe. I have the book and I adore it.

  7. Deb: You said, 'but 'digestive bicuits' sounds more like something you take for a stomach ache'... Lol! They are wholemeal biscuits, or sweetmeal?? Not sure. They can be bought in the US, but normally in the British section of the larger stores. *Proper* teabags, and these biscuits are a *must* for any Brits visiting the US!

    DR and his friend are now in the sky, somewhere over the Atlantic. They're spending some days in Ontario, then going to a youth camp/conference in MI. After the camp, they'll spend more days in MI before flying home again.
    Jealous?? Who said anything about being jealous??

  8. That dinner does sound good! Hope your oldest has a great time.

  9. My kids really like Chicken Parmesan too!
    Oh, I can't imagine the first time one of my kids goes somewhere far away without me. Oh dear.


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