Can you spot Jackson here? At times, he likes to sit up straight and kid on he really is a hunting dog.

He sits tall. Elegant. Regal, even.
 And he looks at me as if to say, 
'Do you know who my people are?'

But behind all that regality and elegence and kid-on professionalism, there lies a garden full of...

 ... and this

Yep, plenty more where they came from.

Yes, you.... I'm talking about you.
 You gorgeous,
 little honey.
 Even if we do have a garden full of those.

(You do understand that I use the word 'garden' in the loosest possible sense of the word. Ahem)

And it's all worthwhile.


  1. LOL ANN!! I am so glad I am out of those days!! You guys are so much fun!! LOVING that PUP!!
    LOVE YOU!!!


  2. Oh the darling!!! How can you not love and adore him... and he is decorating your garden so beautifully. Not many can boast fields of shoe-flowers!!!

  3. He's an awesome fella and such a retriever! Looks to me like he's gonna be a really BIG BOY!

  4. He's adorable! I enjoyed seeing both sides of him... the regal and the playful! So much fun!

  5. I've enjoyed living vicariously through you and some other friends who have acquired puppies within the past few months. I'm not ready for that--not until my boys are much older and are willing and able to assume a whole lot more responsibility than they do now. But it sure is fun to see your pictures!

    Jackson is adorable! :)

  6. LOL, what a beautiful garden! I really enjoy your posts and love your pictures!

  7. Yes, what a beautiful garden. I loved this post. It made me smile on my not so grand Sunday. Thank you.

  8. Awww...those pictures between "cute", "playful", and "little honey"....are REALLY cute! My husband wants your dog...but you are in no danger of dog-napping since we live an ocean and a continent away....Thanks for the Jackson pics! They make us all smile!

  9. Anne, you are getting soft :-) I was waiting for the last adjective to be "naughty", not cute!

    Laughed at your comments "do you know who my people are?" - that is such a Scottish Presbyterian question - "who are your people?"

  10. Oh My Goodness. Oh My Goodness! You get the vote for the sweetest post today! I love this. (And don't worry- your yard looks like my yard! I wish they sold shoes in 3's;))

  11. He is so adorable!! I miss our lab so much! She had a "garden" full of items just like this! Blessings to you!

  12. hee hee...gotta love it!!

    i've missed your blog, hopefully i'll be able to be a faithful reader again really soon!

    have a great week :)

  13. LOL Your "darling honey pup" reminds me of my two "darling" 9mo. old puppies . . . yes, they LOVE to dig, tear, disperse, and otherwise litter our entire backyard with everything they can get their jaws and paws on! And they aren't even a retriever breed! haha But we love them anyway! Your dog sure is cute! -- Rachel

  14. My hubby and I both have Slogger shoes. You know, garden or farm shoes ~ rubber, washable. And our golden pup loves to move them. Only she moves them from the front door to the back door or the back door to the front door or sometimes just moves one. I think she does it just to mess with us.

  15. @Davene Grace.... I would definitely recommend a puppy/dog for a family with older kids. We can see that Jackson doesn't take the Wee Guy seriously at all - he's just another 'playful puppy' to him! And unless the kids are older, they all tell the dog different things, let him off with different things... training would be a nightmare!

    @Henrietta - that really made me laugh! Growing up here, the question you're asked was always, 'Cò leis thu?'... (Who do you belong to?) Of course, in our culture you knew who you belonged to down to a few generations back, and outwards, you tended to know your relations too. That conversation could end up lasting all day! (A person could be, Màiri, nighean Thormoid Alastair, bràthair Iain beag a tha pòsta aig Catriona Uilleam Alastair 'an Chailein!) ...


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