Our Trip 1

Inverness is for ...

the castle
...with the monument to Flora MacDonald
for meeting friends ...

and for Birthday cake made by friends.


  1. hope ya'll are having a great time! love that birthday cake!

  2. I enjoyed reading your posts about your girls birthdays! My two girls also have birthdays close together (three weeks apart). My oldest was born on St. Patricks's Day so we make the most of it :-)!
    Thanks once again for your kind words regarding my mom. She really is a sweet soul and I do cherish her!
    I'm looking forward to seeing what this "surprise" is...and how I wish castles were more common here in Oklahoma :-)! Have fun!

  3. Oh, such birthday fun! Looks like a lovely time!

  4. It all looks so wonderful! Hope all is going well!

  5. Makes me miss Smarties (although is it just me or do they taste different now??)

    I love the story of Flora MacDonald. I'm also enjoying your blog and pictures.

  6. Ah, Inverness Castle-beautiful! And Flora MacDonald - she was quite a lady. She had a rough beginning, but then went on to help Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from Benbecula, lived in America during the war, then back to Scotland....she was quite amazing.
    Did you get to visit the Culloden Battle Field?
    I enjoyed the crofter's house. Know you must be enjoying your trip.
    The cake looks delicious! Smarties - awesome, similar to the US, M&M, only better!
    Didn't mean to rattle on; wish I was there again!
    Take care and enjoy,
    Anne ♥

  7. Nice birthday cake! I always wondered what Inverness looked like. I need to get a book on Flora MacDonald.
    Not to mention Culloden. Things I have read about and wondered about it when I see it in books.
    Thanks have a fun time.


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