"To render thanks unto the Lord
it is a comely thing"

We've been blessed by having our dear friends, Alex and Elsie, with us. It's a blessing to see the evidence of God's promise to 'never leave nor forsake' His own people. No matter what depths we are going to have to plough in this life's providence, He will uphold us, and will never give us more than we can bear. 

This couple are such a testimony of God's upholding grace. In the midst of their deep sorrow, there is peace, there is an acknowledgement of God's goodness, and, yes, there is even joy in the Lord.

Faith in action.

We have been blessed by the preaching of God's Word. Yesterday, on the Lord's Day, the visiting minister, Rev Maurice Roberts, preached on "It is finished". 

Christ's sufferings - finished.

The types and shadows of the Old Testament - finished.

The sacrifices of the Ceremonial Law - finished.

The wrath of God being poured out on the Saviour - finished. God's justice - satisfied. 

This communion was especially blessed in this way: two of our children professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time, and so I sat at the Lord's Table with one on each side of me. 

There are some situations go beyond words, and this is one of them. We pray for them, that they may be kept. And we especially pray for those of our children still outside of Christ. Please Lord, deal in mercy and save their precious souls.

This evening, on the last evening of our communion weekend, we were blessed and privileged to have our house full of the Lord's people, talking about God's Word and their experiences of God's dealings with them. We were able to have around thirty people singing the psalms and praising God with melody and joy. Blessings indeed.

"O greatly blessed the people are
the joyful sound that know. 
In brightness of Thy face, O Lord,
they ever on shall go."
                                                                Psalm 89: 15


  1. Today my sons and I learned about the Covenanters and The Killing Time. I always thought I knew what it was about, but today it just broke my heart. Learning about that time in Scotland's history. I was very proud of those brave men and woman that were willing to have no king but Jesus.
    I will never look at King Charles II without remembering what he did. It just reminded me when I read your post.

  2. Sounds beautiful! It is so amazing to know that God's people are gathered in so many places! What a blessing to even be able to share from across the ocean! Thanks! And Amen that you have two additional children that shared communion with you as well. We serve an awesome God!

  3. Praise the Lord, Anne! Thanks for sharing about the joy of faith in and around your family and for the brief sermon notes. It is indeed finished - the truth of the gospel for all people in all the earth.

  4. You did indeed have a blessed time! We have two adult children and I know the the awesome feelings that spread all over you when your children come to faith. Now we pray for the grandchildren!

    I agree with Keri that it is great to feel a connection with people all over the world, whom we've never met, because of our shared faith in Jesus as our Savior. Thanks for sharing your faith journey with us!

  5. It was truly an amazing weekend in every way. To see my nephew and niece sit at the Lords Table for the first time was very emtotional but also a joy to behold. To be amongst the Lords people was wonderful and the highlight of my weekend was the Psalm singing in Anne's home (my dear sister) on Sunday afternoon. To top it all off, you just quoted my favourite verse! I am amazed, astounded and overjoyed at being one of the Lords!

  6. Sounds Fabulous & Exciting!! Praise The Lord indeed!! ~Love Heather

  7. Very precious Anne. These are good things, very inspiring. Nice to see you sister's comments.
    Blessings to you all.
    Much Love,

  8. I would have to agree with Pam. I loved reading your post, and I especially enjoyed the thoughts from your sister.

    I am PRAISING THE LORD with you for the salvation of your 2 children!

  9. Praising the Lord with you, sounds like such a wonderful, blessed weekend.

  10. Thank you all so much.

    @ FarmGirl - the Killing Times in Scotland is something we ought never to forget. What couragous young men and women (and older too). Have you read about the two Margarets? Stirring stuff. I wonder if we'd be so bold for the truth were the same threats facing us. I pray we would.

    @Blue72! (my sister!) I'd forgotten that was one of 'your' verses, but am glad I put it on here - just for you ;)

    And to you all: thank you for sharing our joy. I am humbled at God's goodness to us as a family. I know we deserve nothing of the blessings He pours out on us. I hope nothing of what I ever say on this blog comes across as though I'm boasting, because I truly seek only to give God the glory. I have nothing to boast of - we are poor servants, at best, but He is a God of infinite mercy and goodness.

    I'm glad you're all getting the opportunity to 'meet' my sister too! As you can see from her 'name', she's a 'true blue' like myself.... though that probably means nothing to the non-Brits out there!


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