The Price of Petrol

...or gas to you Americans!

Have a read...

At the moment, we're paying around £1.45 per litre of petrol.

Remember - this is pounds, not dollars; and this is litres, not gallons.

If a gallon is approximate to 4 litres, and if the British pound is worth $1.619, (I feel like a Maths teacher) then the equivalent is...

....are you ready for this?

$9.39 per gallon.

Have you guys from across the Pond recovered? Have you applied the smelling salts? You revived?

Because we're just about done. Finished. Finito.

That's what we're paying.

I'm not an economist. I'm not a politician. But how does anyone expect an economic recovery to take place when we are being taxed to this extent on one of our most basic commodities?

C'mon you guys in Whitehall:  Give us a break.


  1. Very interesting, I will stop complaining. :) We paid 4.01 for a gallon on Sunday. The thing is I live in one of the largest oil fields in the world. I can see two oil refinery's from my front porch. Because of government controls and taxes the oil companies just capped the wells that used to provide oil for the world. Thanks! That is a lot of money for gas.

  2. Gasp!!!!
    We are $3.45 to $3.65 depending on the day. One day last week, the price shot up 10 cents in an hour!! If you travel across the mountain from us, you can add another 5 to 10 cents to the price.
    But....$9.39???? Incredible!!!

  3. um, that is a LOT of money.

    Time to saddle up the horses.... or just cry.

  4. Oh - My - Goodness!! We are paying $3.24 and that's DOLLARS not POUNDS per gallon right now and the entire country is mad. I don't know how you pay that much for gasoline, unless your wages are MUCH higher than what ours are??? Our minimum wage in the U.S. is just under $8 dollars per hour. So for those making minimum wage it takes nearly 1/2 hour to buy one gallon of gasoline. Somebody is making an awful lot of money.

  5. That is INSANE! wow - ouch. And we thought we had it bad here!

    By the way, hi. :) I think my mom's introduced herself (Keri-On), but I'm her daughter and love reading your blog!

  6. My oh my - that's $2.32 in Aussie dollars (I used the converter - my maths skills are not that quick!) That's about a dollar more than what we are paying in a regional area - it is cheaper in the cities and prices can fluctuate - it always goes up just before a public holiday. Our electricity prices are about to soar again and the government has just announced a carbon tax (they promised they would not do this!) which will affect the price of everything... which is why we are putting in even more food gardens and staying home more - hard on the daughter who is learning to drive, by the time she has completed her hours I'm certain cars will drive themselves!

  7. I love staying home....
    but not for that reason!

  8. I pay about as much as Leslie does in her comment. Your price is totally outrageous. Makes it hard to do anything and keep on living life.

  9. I had just heard that price quote for the UK the other day on the radio. It is indeed a shocker. We are paying $3.35 per gallon here (more for diesel), which seems far too much to me. I we figured it costs us about $9.00 round trip to town.... how do you all do it at those prices? I had wondered if they were charging so much because of taxation. We too are talking more and more about ways to save and do more at home and from home. Our President and former Congress has essentially bankrupted our country, so its hard to preceive things will be getting better in the near future.

  10. Oh wow. I think I will pay the $3.52 that it is here. Of course they say the price will keep rising. We may have to start riding bicycles! :)

  11. Take if from one American who's over here, shock and dismay is what you feel after pumping it and paying and getting back in the car to see you only got how much for all that money?????

  12. I feel your pain!! Not as much as you poor islanders as at least in Aberdeen we are sitting at roughly £1.29.9 a litre. However I went up the road to Inverness at the weekend and had to pay Inverness prices which was about £1.35.9 a litre. My pal from Houston is always complaining about the price of her fuel until I told her ours, then she shut up pretty quickly!! When I went home to Uist a few years ago, my husband nearly fainted when he realised it had cost him nearly the same to half fill the tank as it does to fill it in Aberdeen!!

  13. We drive a diesel so it costs even more! Although about 15p a litre less than you guys on the islands.

    I have stopped taking our car out as much as possible these days, walking or cycling if we can, but at this time of year and living outwith the city you need to take the car sometimes - food shopping for four boys being one example!

  14. You are right Anne, how do they expect economic recovery, with these prices? It can't happen, it's hurting everyone. We had hoped to travel out west this spring, but w/ these fuel prices we won't be able to.

  15. Holy gasfumes! I fell off my chair. This makes me want to go back to horse and buggy days. What is the future going to be like????

  16. It sounds like I have a lot more to be thankful for than wI would naturally think. It's so easy to complain when others around us have it worse - even things like gas prices.


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