The heavens declare the glory of God: and the firmament showeth His handiwork
                                                                 Psalm 19 v1

Last night (or this morning) at 4am, I got up and opened our curtains to admire this moon.

The Builder thought I'd flipped my lid. It's not the first time such a thought has crossed his mind. Indeed, it's not the first time such a thought has lodged in his mind, but I couldn't resist having a look at the moon at its closest to the earth for 19 years.

Obviously the photos do it no justice, but if you're at all able to see the moon tonight, take the opportunity. Don't let the Builder put you off.


  1. Thanks for the tip! Thankfully tonight we may have clear skies - NOT common for us this time of year! Have a glorious Sabbath Day!

  2. We are having cloudy rainy weather so I looked at it as it was rising last night. It is amazing to see.

  3. My dad told us about it and we were planning on taking the telescope out too! We wanted to see it so bad!! But, alas...it's cloudy out and we are expecting some rain.

    I hear it's pretty amazing to behold! =)I personally think those photos turn out well!!

    Y'all have a blessed Sabbath! =)

  4. well, i've always said i have to be in labor or the house is on fire before i'll get up at 4 am to do anything.

    however, the supermoon may just do it! :)

  5. Ha ha, Mountain Mama's comment cracked me up. I think I can relate to how she feels. I didn't realize "that" about the moon last night (see what happens when you are no longer homeschooling? you never know what in the world is going on.) Any how am intrigued now. Love the pictures.
    Blessings Pam

    21 March 2011 05:37


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