Valentine... What Valentine?

Apparently today is Valentine's Day. I know this because I read blogs.

Some of you will receive beautiful red roses from your beloved....

Some will receive a card, or a cuddly, romantic gift...

I, on the other hand, married a Lewisman...

I can not imagine the Builder arriving home tonight with a bunch of roses for me. I can't imagine him gifting me a lovey-dovey card or cuddly bear. I just can not get my head around these images.... They just don't work in my imagination, and I have a vivid imagination. 

However, I do get a valentine gift.

This fellow went out to work this morning, like he does every morning ... for us.

And tonight, he'll come home straight from work, like he does every night ... to us.

And I can have these arms all to myself. I reckon that's a Valentine's gift in itself.


  1. Exactly! Exactly!
    That is how we define Valentine's Day in this house too. I would never remember it unless I heard other people talking about it.
    My husband says, "We don't need to wait for some 'special day' to tell each other we love and care for one another."
    And with a loving and caring husband like mine, I completely agree!

    1. sounds typical , a guy making excuses to save doing anything for valentines day, i show my wife how much i love her, EVERYDAY, and i dont have to make excuses, like "We don't need to wait for some 'special day' no nor do i but i still make valentines day special, dont back his excuses to make yourself feel better

  2. That is what it is about, the sacrifice of a father for his wife and children. We as we are keepers at home. I love that God has our roles all nicely laid out and how life works best if we just do what our Father says. I have found such security in the place that God has for me.Blessings to you my new friend in Scotland.
    Thank you for your lovely comment.

  3. Indeed! Having someone to love is a gift and a blessing in it's self~ I am so lucky that my husband is not traveling today he is home. So I won't be cold in bed tonight & and I won't have to wear socks to bed hehehe lol!! ~Happy Valentines ~Love Heather

  4. that's the BEST gift!!!

    happy valentine's day~


  5. A fully committed provider and protector, who loves you, is faithful to you and your children, that's love!

    Love in action happens everyday when you are married to the love of your life!

    Happy Love day to you and the Builder every single day! {{hugs!}}

  6. I agree with all the comments. As a woman who's been married 44 years to a faithful husband, father, provider, Christian, I'd say I've been blessed far above what I've deserved. And, once in a while, he gives me a flowery card too! :)

  7. Wow! I got the same gift! Uh- not your guy- MINE!
    Happy Day today, whatever it's called!
    p.s. Roses make me sneeze and chocolate made me have a larger waistline. We don't even do cards, but the wishes are still there!

  8. I LOVE this post! Beautifully said. We women put so much attention on what our guys are NOT and not enough attention on what they are....loving, God honoring men that are devoted to their families. Thanks. Lisa~

  9. here, here! Last night Colin asked me when Valentine's Day was. I said, "tomorrow." he said, "oh." ha ha ha!!!!

    I'm glad I KNOW he loves me, or that could have been a terrible moment. :)

  10. He's just sat down, so I said to him, 'Oh, you wanna see my last post?'
    He read the heading and said,'Uh... Valentine. Is is Valentine's Day or something?' !!
    Told you it wasn't his 'thing'!
    But I love him... and I love you all x

  11. He he he Anne, This was so sweet!! Love you two and love hearing about your sweet man. I have been wanting to tell you that I received something very special in the mail from you!!! I JUST love my calendar that you sent me. Thank you so very much!! I am so excited to use it!!

    Much love and Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    ~ Marie

  12. Amen! And I know my husband would say amen as well :P

    Happy Valentines Day Anne, much love!

  13. Thats exactly how our valentines day goes too! Every year going on 11 years. Most birthdays and anniversaries as well. Its how we roll!


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