Going Away

It's a beautiful day on the croft and the Builder and I are preparing to head off to the mainland to attend the funeral of our friends' son.

I feel a guilty pleasure in the fact that we are going to have some time together. 

I feel there ought to be no pleasure in our having to go to such an event. And yet, the Builder and I are able to spend so little time together, that there is some pleasure in preparing for our couple of days away.

I hope you all understand.


  1. Do be careful in your travels.

  2. oh yes, I understand. 100%

    Peace & prayers to the family.

  3. While it's a sad thing you travel to, the enjoyment of time with your spouse can never be considered a bad thing. I wouldn't give that a second thought. I'm sure your presence will be comfort for your friends.

  4. Time alone w/ your spouse is so important, I do understand. And to be able to be there together to support your friends at this time, that is such a wonderful blessing the two of you are giving them. Aren't you so glad you don't have to travel alone for this? Prayers for you all as you travel and for your grieving friends.

  5. no need to feel guilty...time with your hubs is important. i'm glad you all can be there for each other and your friends.

    God bless~

  6. I do hope you have a wonderful time together - what a sad occasion though. Just the sitting & chatting as you travel will be wonderful.

  7. Praying for you, my friend.

  8. I think your friends, whose son is now in heaven, would want you to love and embrace "life" more than ever now, to enjoy every minute you can. Life is precious. Our "doing without" doesn't do anyone else any good either. :)

  9. I know exactly what you mean. Life is so full of these contrasts. Will be praying for your friends. May you and hubby be blessed as you go, and enjoy a few moments alone together.
    Much Love,


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