Just Because...

I have work just now. Lots of it. (By 'work' I mean paid work.)

And so, this afternoon...

Just because I was inundated with work;

And just because my ironing pile was almost at the ceiling;

And just because I went on the scales last night and had my suspected weight increase confirmed...

I decided to make a Chocolate sheet cake. And to try this frosting.

I have to be honest, I saw the recipe for this frosting ages ago on the Pioneer Woman's site, but couldn't quite get my head around frosting with flour. Flour in frosting. Just wasn't meant to be, I thought.

Find the recipe for this here.

And seeing as you're looking at the photo, have a little glimpse in the top-right corner. Cloves of garlic. Catherine was making Chicken Parmigiana

Please don't comment on:

1. the fact that my chocolate cake is sitting right beside the garlic cloves

2. the fact that everything that was going on in the kitchen tonight came 

I'm sure there was life before blogging: I just don't remember it.

Instead of just milk, I used half milk and half single cream

I forgot about the weight issue.

I then had to do some testing, but only because I care for my family so much.

I forgot about the weight issue. Again. And again.

And again.

(For those of us on the side of the Pond, 1 stick of butter is 4 oz. These Americans need to get their terms sorted.)

Just so y'all know - the Boys loved the cake and l-o-v-e-d the frosting.

I guess flour and frosting were made to go together after all. Shows you how much I know.


  1. yes, i'd say you deserve a treat!!! {mountain man made his famouns chocolate pie this week! yum!}

    never heard of flour in icing before.


  2. Yum! Sounds and looks delicious! :) I'll have to try that frosting recipe.

  3. I am a new visitor to your blog and you always seem to make me smile. Thanks for this fun and funny post.

  4. Looking good even with that flour in the frosting!!!

  5. I love Pioneer Woman! I have her cookbook, but have only made about 3 things (all delicious)!

    I will have to try this cake & frosting- and I DID notice the garlic in the photo before you mentioned it. lol : )

  6. Frosting with flour in it does sound interesting.
    Maybe it's not quite as sweet? It probably is. Oh how I love frosting.

  7. I'm assuming the flour is to thicken the frosting? It looks delish, that's all that matters to me, ha! Now I'm craving chocolate cake. Key Lime Pie is on the menu for tonight, but goodness those pics make me wish I had picked what you made.

  8. I saw this on Pioneer Woman blog too but I still don't think I can bring myself to try a frosting with flour in it!!

  9. Okay, so I have another inspiration to add to my own dieting dilmna (which I just posted about sort of, with the same observations as yours...sort of...) I don't think the cold weather helps either... just feel like cooking and eating. I'll have give the recipe a try. Let me rephrase... I would like to give the recipe a try... because I haven't had any chocolate cake this week.... and the chicken parmigiana sounds good too. Maybe its the kids fault we're getting fat.. you know what I mean.. we spend the first 20 years cooking for them... and we eat... then they start cooking for us... and we eat. Ha ha. I haven't figured it all out yet, I'll let you know if I do.
    Love and Blessings,

  10. I made that frosting last summer and it was "love at first bite!"


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