A Moment in Time

....just passing our house this minute

Heading west.

Didn't stop to pick us up this time either.


  1. i know, seriously...what is it with those guys? they never stop to say hi or pick us up either!


  2. Ha!! we have planes fly right over as well....Imagine if we could hitch a ride :) ~Love Heather

  3. I just got your calendar in the mail today. Thank you so much!!!! Beautiful pictures, but I love the card you wrote even more. (Great bird on the front of it too. Tell your son!)

    I'm soon sending out a card of my own... to you my blogging friend. Thank you.

  4. Leah, I'm so glad it arrived! At long last....I don't think anyone else has received their one yet. I posted them airmail, on the promise that they'd be there l-o-n-g before now....oh well, I think the weather had something to do with it. Glad it reached anyway, and thank you for letting me know x

  5. If they ever do stop, and if they're headed to Indiana, USA, and if you'd like to stay awhile, then fine. C'mon in. ;)


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