Today's Post

Something came in the post today. 

But I can't go near it cos I have work to do. 

I think some explanation is necessary: I sometimes work from home. When I say 'work', I mean paid work, and when I have paid work to do it means I can't sit with my feet up manicuring my nails all day.

'Cos that's what us stay-at-home mums do, isn't it? Actually my nails wouldn't know a manicure if it met them on the street. The 'ic' is what makes it unrecognisable.

Get it? No? Best that way.

Anyway, I was saying. This came in the post today

Can you guess what it is?

How about now?

Ahah! It's all becoming clearer now, isn't it? 

So tell me....HOW do I resist getting caught up in this when I have work to do?


Just to let y'all know: the resistance lasted 3 hours. Three. Whole. Hours.

Yep, I'm weak. But at least I don't manicure my nails.


  1. i nearly ordered this yesterday! but i resisted. i think i need to wait a bit longer, but i am officially jealous!!

  2. Enjoy! post a review when you get a chance.
    Enjoying your blog, BTW!
    An island in Scotland, as intriguing as a ranch in OK!

  3. Weak with poor nails. You poor dear!
    (Note: my own nails aren't worth looking at)

  4. Make sure you give us a review on this book. I have read some of her stuff on her blog, but haven't bought this book...yet.

  5. that's so like me!

    yes, when i have things to do...keep all interesting books far away!!

    have a great weekend~

  6. I haven't seen this book of hers! I will have to look it up- I have her cookbook. I have only made two things from it, but I LOVE looking at the photos in it. She is so funny.

  7. I've read it, but hubby is now reading it. Most of it was on her blog, and I'd read before, but - you know what - it was good to laugh the other night. I felt so drained all week, and in some parts of the book I was weak laughing. Really I was. But when you've read most of the story on the blog, there's not an awful lot extra in the book. Still ... had to get the book - there's no way hubby would have read 40 chapters off a computer screen!
    She is sooooo funny! She says so many things you can kinda relate to, but couldn't, or wouldn't, say out loud! I couldn't anyway - living on a island like this where *everyone* knows everyone.... Eeeek! Can you imagine what it 'd be like for me going to do the shopping and for hubby on the building site!!
    So, if you need good ol' laughter therapy... have a read. Enjoy!

  8. You're little "ic" had me laughing out loud. Thanks for injecting some city/country humor into my day.

    I am totally tempted by that book, but not tempted enough to buy it. Nevertheless, if my library decides to acquire it, I can bet it'll be on my list of requests in no time flat!


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