Katie-ism 1

Today, the Wee Guy was asking me some questions. 

Nothing new there. 

He went on and on, probing more and more deeply. 

Nothing new there either.

Eventually the conversation went like this:

Me (a bit exasperated): "Calum, you don't need to go into all the minutiae of it."

Katie (from the other side of the room): "Oh.... Is that some kind of Japanese food?"

Sometimes, there are no words. Only explanations: she's blonde. What can I say?!

This incident made us remember another Katie-ism (there are many, but our minds, with no reluctance on their parts, went to our first holiday to the USA).

We were actually still in Canada, and were getting ready to leave the hotel in which we'd stayed the two previous nights. As we all bundled down the hallway with bags and cases, Katie ran on (obviously someone else had her luggage in hand!). She soon came running back, panting. The conversation went something like this:

Katie (panting): 'We can't use the lift' (elevator to those on the 'other side')

Us: 'Why not?'

Katie: 'In case of a fire'


Dad: 'Er, what fire?'

Katie (becoming slightly exasperated): 'We can't use the lift in case of a fire. Go to the stairs.'

Me: 'Katie, there is no fire, though'

Katie: 'No, but the sign says we can't use the lift in case there is one.'


The sound of our brains ticking: they're all saying, 'Is she for real? Is she related to me?' 

When we went back to the same place two years later, we took a photo of the infamous sign.

Yep, its wording is weird. So don't blame Katie.


  1. I have one like that! And we refer to her sayings with "isms" attached to her name. She's not blonde.

  2. Me, too, hahahaha!!! Katie, Katie, Katie, a treasure.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Love yours too! We are planning on homeschooling as well, so I look forward to seeing your adventures!

  4. Very funny! Yes, there's one of those in our family, too. Well, sometimes it's me!!!

  5. I have one of those at my house too! I always tell people "sorry I'm blonder than I look"
    My daughter ,9 years old, was reading the conversation hearts we had bought. She says "why would anyone call anyone else a rock?"
    It said "You Rock" haha
    (Normally we try to stay away from a lot of holiday stuff n nonsense.)

  6. Very funny! I guess we all have one in the family, but ours is brunette. She never ceases to amaze us with her view of the world at times. She makes life fun, as I'm yours does too.

  7. When we travel, I love to collect signs that have us scratching our heads. I agree that Katie was justified with that one.

  8. When you are a kid....everything is so new it can be hard to understand it all!!

  9. That is fabulous - I'm a bit like Katie heehee and would prob do sometihng like that or would have done when younger hehe - cute


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