Yesterday's Walk

The title makes it sound like I go for a walk every day. 

Er, I'd like to kid on, but I can assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. If it's windy, I don't go out; if it's raining, I don't go out. 

That means I stay in a lot.

But I decided yesterday to go for a walk along the beach to which I went when I was growing up. It's the 'next-door' village to my married village, but I hadn't been for some time.

It's quite different to 'our' beach. 
 It has a mixture of rocks and sandy areas. Perfect for children's playtime and picnics. 

 The Butt is visible in the background, so you can see it's not far from where we live ourselves.

 I wished I had a zoom lense to take photos of the oyster catchers.

 But they fly off once I came closer...
 Their call is shrill - the only sound on the beach apart from the breaking waves.

 Yep, I wore my wellies, and I was glad I did!

 Nobody on the whole beach but myself...

Glorious solitude

 This area will have rock pools in summer, which are lovely and warm (warm being a relative term here).

When we'd come down to this beach as kids, we'd have our picnic sitting on a warm rock and Mum would spread out a cloth (yes, we'd have a 'tablecloth' for our picnics.... This was my Mum!). Then we'd eat relatively sand-free. Always a bonus where food is involved.

And back home.

I was supposed to have been doing Pudewa. I felt like a naughty schoolchild skiving off a class, but it was bliss.

Nobody to talk to. Or to listen to.

The crashing of the waves, the call of the birds - the only sounds. It was therapy. And it was free.


  1. Gorgeous photos & very nice narrative... :)

  2. That's Ness at its very best, thank you for sharing.


  3. Gorgeous....I was enjoying the walk with you via pictures.....and then, what a terrific laugh I got when I saw the line that said, "I was supposed to have been doing Pudewa." Hilarious! I can sooooooo relate, my friend, soooo relate! Love it!

  4. I love beaches on the islands! The islands really are Gods Country and the beaches so beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for the pics, although Lewis is not my island I always feel like I am seeing a bit of home when I see your pictures. Thanks Aileen

  5. Wow! Those are really pretty pictures! :) It's so beautiful there!

  6. I love solitude. I love the beach. Thanks for the pictures and for sharing your special therapy time with us. It created a little bit of therapy for us all!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! Walking along the beach is one of my favorite pasttimes in the world! While our beaches aren't quite as scenic, I'm still excited about warmer weather arriving so that we can experience some of that beauty ourselves.

  8. Oh these are beautiful photos! I think I could have sat on one of those rocks for hours!

  9. Breathtaking and Beautiful that is some Wonderful place that you live~ What a blessing to be able to go on such a fantastic walk ~Have a Great Day & Thanks for sharing ~Love Heather

  10. We have just returned from our holiday in New Zealand where we spent two weeks 'skiving off' (I have not heard that phrase since I left the UK!) - at the beach. We visited one beach that was just spectacular, totally unspoilt. You must pop over and see the photos at my blog. My memories of the English seaside actually didn't involve the beach - how crazy is that?! We would go to the fairground and the shops. My own children love living on the coast and we can choose which beach to visit - the surf beach, the sandy beach or the beach with rock pools. Like yourself I feel very blessed to live in such proximity to the coast and to experience all its beauty and magnificence.

  11. Holy cow, you have a BEACH! That is breathtaking. So rugged and fierce...and tranquil, at the same time. Thanks for sharing some eye-candy with this land-locked farmgirl! :)

  12. Your pictures are just beautiful. Your day sounded very calm and peaceful. Glad you got to experience that! Blessings!

  13. What a beautiful corner of God's creation! Instead of being envious, I'm going to rejoice that you were able to sneak away for some solitude and rejuvenation! :)

  14. oh my sweet goodness...there is a little bit of heaven! wow!!!

    can i come and visit?!?! :)

  15. All I can say is WOW!!!!! How beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, glorious is your childhood and current memories unfolding. Yes it is freeing to just see these pictures. What I would give to have a picnic on such a gorgeous beach with you all.
    ~ Marie
    I LOVE your Wellies

  16. Oh Anne, those pictures made me feel like I was right there on the beach, I could almost hear the waves and the birds. Sooo beautiful, what a treat for you, to experience that alone w/ God. What a blessed gift!

  17. Oh my word! How beautiful! My favorite place to be is the beach, and to be at the beach alone...I can't tell you how jealous I am.

    Glad you had a wonderful day. And don't feel a bit guilty!


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