Oi, you never smile like that at me! You hear me?

See, it wasn't so painful!


  1. Yay! You got him to do it! A smile can make your day.

  2. Now you know the "shepherd loves his sheep"...
    and his sister too! :-)

  3. What beautiful views! I bet it just takes your breath away every morning to get up and to just feed your sheep would be a gift. Do you spin? My daughter in law wants us to get Angora goats so she can spin. It is so hot here though they would have to have air conditioning. The sparrows since you asked are just out of control. They are fighting so bad they have almost knocked me down twice. They gang up on one girl. So that is why, I am not a big fan right now.
    Most the time I don't even notice them. :)Thanks for visiting. Also for becoming a follower too.

  4. Ha how cute!! Wow those sheep are beautiful!! There really is something amazing with farm animals that are well cared for. ~Cute Pictures ~Love Heather

  5. What beautiful scenery behind him there...the ocean, Oh how I love the ocean.
    This looks so different from our landlocked Oklahoma, but the mucking boots look very very familiar :-)!


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