Wedding Photos

The girls found our Wedding Album the other day.

Yes, of course I knew exactly where it was all these years.

Why, yes, I look at it often and remember that day.... 

What day? ... oh yes, that day. I remember. Vaguely. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I do believe we had a wedding day.

And I've got the photos to prove it!

I can't believe I'm doing this to myself.

Why?? Why am I showing these photos?!

I have to admit that I like this one. My mum-in-law, who passed away a few years ago is on the left and my own Mum (who's height genes were clearly passed down in my direction) is in the blue.

I really can't believe I'm showing this. But I reckon someone out there is in need of a laugh.

Could someone tell me what on earth possessed the woman who doesn't 'do' pink to choose pink-ish bridesmaid dresses? 

And the gypsophila! ... "And the hair, Louisa?! Why, she looked positively wild!" Sorry, a Pride and Prejudice moment. My mind is clearly trying to drag me away from what it's seeing!

I'm only showing this because it shows what I'm still doing:

looking up to him


  1. lovely, lovely, lovely!!!! I'm glad you shared. My wedding day is still my all-time favorite day of my life, even if the clothes are already out of style. :)

  2. Hi! I came over from The Pennington Point (I think). I think your dresses were lovely. Beautiful pics.

  3. Hi Mama Hen, and Welcome! If you browse around my blog, you will find quite a number of references to 'The South'.. ;)

    (Shhh, I'll just whisper it, but the South is where my heart is - though my body is firmly planted here in Scotland!
    And just for all you Northerners.... you know I love y' all! )

  4. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing this special part of your life.
    This March Jeff and I will be married 25 years......what a blessing the LORD has given me!

  5. How beautiful, and what a beautiful sentiment to end on, in this post. Still "looking up to him..." That is precious Anne! I love your pink, it's really pretty. We were married in the 80's and pink was our color too.

    Thanks for sharing these precious pics!!!

  6. Do all Scotish men don kilts when they are married? Do any of your wedding traditions differ from what we do here in America? Blessings, Kelsey

  7. Real men wear kilts. (the Scottish ones at least :)
    (Does your oldest son look like his dad or what?!?!)

  8. Love seeing your wedding photos! I echo the question.."Do all Scottish men wear kilts when they are married?" Is that your family's plaid? Am I showing my ignorance?
    The wedding looks to have been beautiful! And I am glad you are still looking up to your husband! Thanks for the fun encouragement!

  9. Love your pictures, especially the Mum one. And I love the pink! My bridesmaids wore spring green. I still love the color but I have to admit that not a lot of women look good wearing green. Pink brings out the natural color in their faces. And with a MacMillan for a grandmother, I have to love the kilts!

  10. In answer to your 'Do all Scottish men wear kilts for their wedding?' ...

    Well, here on the island most guys do - by far, the majority. But on the mainland (anything that's not the islands - I guess that's obvious!) most men wouldn't. I love the guys in kilts.

    As for the tartan. Oh dear, confession time. They are not a family tartan - they're actually the tartan of Rangers Football Club. If I tell you that my husband has no interest in the world in football, then you will have to conclude that his wife-to-be chose (insisted on) this tartan.

    Big Brother refused to wear this tartan (him supporting another team an' all that), so he - sensible wore his family tartan.

    Often, the guys will wear the kilt if they're going to a wedding as guests - not just in the Bridal Party, but as 'ordinary' guests. I have to tell you..... they look dreamy. Well, my hubby does anyway, and I'm reliably informed by the wives of the others that they do too ;)

  11. Anne, what a beautiful wedding it must have been! The bridesmaids dresses and flowers are so beautiful, feminine, and you were a beautiful bride. You two make a very lovely couple. ☺
    Blessings and have a nice weekend!

  12. Thanks for the info on the kilts and the tartans! I didn't know a football club would have a tartan associated with them! I think it would be lovely to go to a wedding w/ kilts all around!
    God bless you!

  13. "He wore a kilt?!" was my first thought...and apparently that captured the attention of quite a few other people, too. :) And then I couldn't get over the dyed-to-match shoes that the bridesmaids wore. :)

    I was in a pink wedding once...I wonder what happened to that dress. It had lots of ruffles on the back of it, too. Oh, and we wore lace gloves. We were the very picture of...well...pink, I guess! :)

    I love this post. Absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing this piece of your history!

    By the way, I attended a concert tonight of a group called the Celtibillies; in their music, they explore the connections between Celtic and Appalachian music--who knew there are so many? Some of the music was Scottish, so of course, I thought about you all evening! There was also a clog-dancing group that performed--very fun.

  14. I don't know how I missed this post earlier in the week. I guess it was the busy schedule, but I'm glad I saw it now. I love looking at wedding pictures. I don't know why you'd feel bad about sharing them- they're lovely. I'm not quite sure how you could call the bridesmaid dresses pink-ish. The "ish" needs to go sit in the corner- they're PINK! I actually like a bit of pink now and then- even pink-ish! lol


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