The Wee Guy's Challenge

I've asked the Wee Guy to give me three interesting facts about various people.

There's a catch: he's not to find the information online. Only in books. 

Books? You remember them - made of paper, with a cover on the outside - pages with typed print on them - you remember, they often sat on shelves...

... or on the arm of a chair

... or on the floor

... or on the bottom of the bed

Anyway. His first find-three-interesting-facts-about-this-person is...

Photo: Wikipedia
Napoleon Bonaparte

These were the facts he caught onto in his reading:

1. He sent a million soldiers into Russia, but the Russians were clever and allowed them to march all the way to Moscow. There the Russians waited until the winter killed most of Napoleon's soldiers. Only 40,000 survived to return to Paris.

2. He was exiled to the island of Elba, but escaped and gathered an army again. He was soon defeated at the Battle of Waterloo, where the Duke of Wellington lead the British army. Wellington boots are named after the Duke of Wellington.

3. He died on the island of St Helena, way out in the Atlantic. He had asked to be buried by the River Seine in France, but he was actually buried on the island. The gravestone had the words, 'Here Lies', but they did not write Napoleon's name on it.

I now fear I may have unleashed a monster.

"Mum, did you know...."

"Oh, mum, wait til I tell you ..."


These were the two books he got most of his info from.

The Story of the World series is fantastic. We have them on CD too, and I'd thoroughly recommend them.


  1. I am trying not to envy those great looking bookshelves filled so fantastically with books galore! Hmmmmm, which book would I ask to borrow first? :)

  2. Napoleon's body was later removed to Paris. It was well preserved possible because he may have died of arsenic poisoning. But there again, he may have had stomach cancer.
    Sorry-I had to talk about Napoleon at the home school group, last week. The best bit about the talk was that a friend knew an antique dealer who brought along some swords from the Napoleonic wars-I think the Wee Guy would have liked this.

  3. History ended up being my favorite subject when teaching my gals. It was so boring in school for me, but came to life when learning w/ my children.

    Good job Wee Guy! Keep digging for those history facts, it is a lot of fun!

  4. Way to go, Wee Guy! History is awesome! We are all history nuts in our house. Good job!

  5. That is awesome! My four sons all LOVE history! They are full of facts I never knew and are my go-to-source now (faster than the internet for me!- and a LOT more fun to get the information from!) Keep up the good work Wee Guy! You may indeed have unleashed a monster! What a great thing, eh?

  6. I love history! It is always so interesting to me. I recently heard a little boy (about age 12) say he didnt understand the point of history. It broke my heart. :(
    I have not studied Nepolean much so I found the wee ones facts very interesting.
    I think its fantastic that you have the ability to have such an extensive library at home. Right now we are in a position where I had to get rid of a lot of our actual books and have to use the computer a lot. I am thankful for the fact that so much is available online.

  7. The Story of the world is wonderful my children learned so much from that series....Great way to get him thinking!! I love History as well ~Happy Homeschooling ~Love Heather

  8. i love it! scout is so interested in history...i never was so i'm learning right along with her!

  9. My son also loves history & just soaks up history books - he would get along well with the wee guy!
    I think it's important for children to learn to get information from books as well as the internet - you're doing a great job there!
    Oh & I didn't know that about Napolean, so I learnt something today!
    Have a lovely day

  10. We love The Story of the World also. Currently in the middle of volume two.

  11. I like that challenge! I think I might just imitate you and unleash that one on Josiah, my oldest. I have a feeling he might be like your Wee Guy though...hard to stop once he gets started. :)

  12. Story of World is amazing. It's a series that my boys will expect to see on the shelf when they come home for a visit when they are grown. And speaking of Napoleon, have you read Betsy and the Emporer? It's a must for a read aloud!


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