A Picture is Worth 1000 Words...

I reckon it might be worth my while - just sometimes - posting a photo and saying nothing about it.

I see other bloggers doing that. 

They post a photo and say nothing. My problem is.... I can't. I mean, I can't say nothing.

It doesn't come naturally to me.

But right now, I'm going to kid on that's what I'm doing. Call it Wordless Wednesday. Except it's Thursday. Okay, call it Thoughtless Thursday.

Oh, for crying out loud. Call it anything you want to. I'm posting a photo. It left me speechless. I'm saying nothing. Except that I've already said loads.

Here's the photo.

Now you understand?


  1. I do understand!

    And look at that grin of his, that is very funny!

    Great picture, you do make me laugh.

  2. Is he actually...er...drying dishes?
    I'm speechless. (I'm sure my husband would be too if I showed him this.)

  3. Hahahahahahaaaaa! *gasp* Hahahhahahahaaaa!
    Love it! Absolutely, love it!

  4. Seriously....no words are needed!! lol

    *BTW, I use Photoshop Element and sometimes Picnik for processing my photos. Just using the free items on the Picnik web page does a lot for your photos, plus it is so easy.


  5. He he he I get you! :D

    I love the new picture at the top of your blog! I could stare at it for hours and be perfectly content! MY GOODNESS!

  6. ahahahahhaa!! I often do the same thing on my blog I think I won't say much and then I ramble on and on and on....LOL oh well much like my comment ~Great Pic I wonder if I will ever see something like that over here in the States hehehe :) ~Love Heather

  7. Yep, he was drying the dishes.... It was worth photographing...just to have the evidence!

    Thanks Farmchick for that - must try.

    Elizabeth - the photo is so peaceful. I think that too, but for some reason it stopped filling the whole of the header, and I find it so annoying. I haven't had a minute to try and sort it. Maybe one day.... sigh!

    And I am so glad a have fellow-ramblers ;)


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